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Grammar rules.What are indirect questions? An indirect question is when a question is inside another question. Take a simple scenario: we stop someone in the street and ask: Where is the supermarket? Exercises with answers and grammar rules with examples also in PDF. ma, 20 nov 2017 16:45:00 GMT Indirect questions | Exercises PDF - E-grammar - Indirect questions start with a phrase like could you tell me Conditional I said (that) I would like to see it. ENGLISH GRAMMAR. Reported Speech.Indirect question: He asked where she was going. A. When we turn direct questions into indirect speech, the following changes are necessary Direct questions (Who is it?) and indirect questions (I dont know who it is). Exercises with answers and grammar rules with examples also in PDF. Online exercises and grammar rules at English grammar: Indirect questions If we want to make questions in the English Indirect Questions - Perfect English Grammar. Direct question: Where is the bank? Indirect Questions Exercise 1 - Perfect English Grammar — Exercise about indirect questions in the present simple tense.English grammar | Rules Exercises PDF free download — English grammar rules and exercises online PDF to download for free. Grammar.

Unit 66 - Indirect Questions. Indirect questions are polite, longer forms of normal questions. For example: - Wheres the department store? 3 Indirect questions are of two types. Yes/No questions are reported with if and Wh- questions are reported with the question word.This type of sentence does not have any special grammar rules. Forming questions - printables. Worksheets pdf - print. Grammar worksheets - handouts. Lessons - videos - resources. How to use wh- questions.Questions - grammar rules. Direct and indirect questions. Indirect Questions English Grammar. Posted in Grammar By englishlearnadmin On August 6, 2016.The indirect questions are not normal questions. They have the same word order as statements and we do not use do to form a question. I use indirect questions when Im asking for help in the street, because they are very polite. Indirect questions start with a phrase like could you tell me or do you know.

This is very similar to the grammar of reported questions. Help Center Grammar Lessons Idioms Phrasal Verbs Pronunciation Power Quizzes Slang Student Forums.There are other English question forms that follow different rules, however. Theyre called indirect questions. There are two types of indirect questions. English grammar unit 9 - question forms: indirect questions. - English grammar rules and exercises online pdf to download for free. tenses, modal verbs, passive, imperative, conditionals, gerunds, reported speech This type of question is in the sections on Indirect Questions and Inversion in standard grammar and textbooks.Positive phrases include the time is, the station is, he did, she said etc. Changing Direct (normal) questions into Indirect (polite) questions. English Grammar.Indirect questions serve the same purpose as direct questions, but are considered more formal. One of the main reasons for this is that English does not have a formal you form. Indirect questions worksheet. Perfect English Grammar.Indirect questions board game. EFL Sensei. Celebrity Reporters Speaking Activity. One Stop English. Embedded question drill indirect questions. Modal verbs >> Modal verbs and their negativesQuestions >> Forming indirect questionsVarious grammar rules >> Question tags / tag questionsStructures of indirect questions. Word order in indirect question is the GRAMMAR INDIRECT QUESTIONS Correct the indirect questions the reporter asked about their way to the conference. 1- You can tell me how were you picked to go? 2- Would people like to know what have you done to prepare? Online English grammar exercises - practice of indirect questions and when to invert subject and auxiliary.Write the second part of these indirect questions. Follow the example. Compare the following direct and indirect questions: Direct: What did she want? - Indirect: Do you know what she wanted?Online exercises and grammar rules at . Reported Speech - English grammar rules >>Test 1 Test 2>>. Reported Speech - Direct Speech and Indirect Speech.Questions - Reported Speech English. Do you like Jake? She asked me if/whether I liked Jake. Here we are providing you detailed rules of Direct Indirect Speech which will be so helpful forNo conjunction is used when the sentence begins with question words like who, whoseTenses, pronouns and words denoting nearness are changed according to the rules. English grammar Indirect questions. On this pageIndirect question: I wonder where they have been? If the direct question contains the auxiliary DO, we omit it in the indirect question. Read through the grammar explanation and review the indirect question examples together as a class. Students then use the information from the first worksheet to change direct questions into indirect questions using polite expressions. What are Indirect Questions? Larisa English Grammar Review by Billgreen54.Ask your teacher to help explain the rules about this subject further! 13. Direct and Indirect Question Examples 14. Where is the bus station? (direct question). See the definition of Indirect Question in Grammar Monsters list of grammar terms and definitions.Forming Indirect Questions. When the direct question is a yes-no question, the indirect question will start with if or whether. When students hear the phrase indirect questions, they get scared. But actually this is one of the easiest grammar points in English.The following mind map tries to show the rules for indirect questions in a graphical form. The indirect questions are not normal questions. They have the same word order as statements and we do not use do to form a question.English grammar rules and exercises online pdf at indirect-question. Grammar: Indirect Questions.

We have previously studied indirect statements, which involve a main verb of saying thinking, feeling, or perceiving, and the verb of the indirect statement going into the infinitive. Learn English Grammar. Asking English Questions.First I would like to say that this is my explanation of what direct and indirect questions are, and not everyone would agree with me. When we ask questions in English, we either start the question immediately (a direct question) or use an introduction to make the question more polite (an indirect question). Grammar rules for English questions. Grammar Rules.Change the following direct questions into indirect questions using the introductory clauses given. 1. (I would like to know) What are your plans? Linguapress English grammar. on your mobile. Indirect questions in English.The simplest way to master the rules or structures is to start with a few varied direct questions, and use them as models.flashcards fun activities games games grammar drills grammar guides icebreakers Information gap activities kinesthetics, TPR12 questions given in direct form, students change them to indirect form using prompt at beginning.Read the rules and change the sentences into indirect questions. The rule for shall (should) and will (would) in indirect questions is, to retain the auxiliary used in the direct question, merely changing the tense (shall to should and will to would) when necessary.Grammar Index. Clauses of Indirect Questions To HOME PAGE. How to put direct questions into indirect speech--- Reported speech for questions with question words and with helping verbs (Yes/No questions).Uses of Wish Clauses, grammar rules with examples, exercises, and detailed explanations. Indirect Questions Exercise. "Whats this?" "Do you know what this is?" Fill the gaps to make indirect questions. 1 "Wheres the station?" The indirect question is really not a question at all. In a direct question, we put the auxiliary verb before the subject.Posted by Manjusha You are here: Home > English Grammar > Indirect questions. 1.7 Changing Question-word Questions Into Indirect Speech. 2 Direct Indirect Speech Exercises : told or said ?4 Order and Request Indirect Speech Exercise. 5 Grammar Books. Indirect Questions - Choose the correct answer.Irregular Verbs. Grammar Glossary. Articles. Grammar: Using Indirect Questions. Warm Up! Motivational Activity.Example of DIRECT QUESTIONS: Wheres the nearest bank please? How would you change this question into its indirect form? Visit the main grammar pages or read about indirect questions first.Practice: Change each question to an indirect question. What time is it? Could you tell me ? Grammar book: Indirect questions have a different word order from direct question and no question marks.We dont use do in indirect questions.Furthermore, that rule With indirect yes/no questions we use if or whether, actually depends on the verb you are using. Indirect questions Exercise 1: Match the situations on the left with an indirect question on the right.h. Do you know where the post office is? Grammar Challenge activities. BBC Learning English. Page 2 of 5. Direct questions are the "normal" questions that we can ask friends, family members, and people who we know well. Indirect questions are a little more formal and polite.Download two free English Grammar e-Books. A free grammar presentation and lesson plan for ESL students about indirect questions.Indirect Questions. When we make direct question from a normal sentence, we swop the Subject of the sentence with the Auxiliary Verb. I have problem with grammar, which i wrote on the top. Can you please someone explain me indirect speech?Related questions. Question Tag. Examples of how to use the 8 parts of speech in English grammar. This is a worksheet to practice indirect questions. Students will see four pictures and prompts for each picture. They have to make sentences containing indirect questions corresponding to the pictures. Can be used to revise material and help students relax a bit. Grammar Rules Review English Grammar. This is a quick, basic grammar review for nouns, verbs, and the sometimes confusing usage of lay versus lie, and rise versus raise.Direct Indirect Questions Exercises English Grammar. English grammar practice on indirect questions. Transform the following direct questions into indirect or embedded questions.There are other expressions that follow the same rule: I dont know what he is doing here. I wonder when he will find the truth.

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