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OK I am sure this has been asked before, but is it ok to use a 16 ohm speaker in a 8 ohm amp? Speaker is a Celestion G12T75 16 Ohm Amp is Crate V50 with a 8ohm in it now. Thanks for any help! But theyre rated as 6 ohm. Can I use these without hurting the receiver?I have 4 ohm speakers for my fronts and center but the rears are 8 ohm. Do i need to do anything to the amp or my pre-amp to get this to work? Pioneer SX-6000 Hi, receiver was playing fine. I changed out the speakers, and the right side began playing weak, left side ok. I was using 8 ohm speakers, and the ones I changed to were 4 ohm , Marantz. It will not be a problem, I have mixed 6 ohm and 8 ohm speakers with my yamaha receiver(rx-v2095) before.I had an 8 ohm center and 6 ohm fronts and 6 ohm rears for many years using a Yamaha receiver. I have an older 10 watt receiver that receives distant stations quite well. Would like to hook it up to some decent 6 ohm speakers I have but the back of set says 8 ohms. Any problems on this low a power or suggestions? Using 8 ohm speakers 6 ohm stereo [solved] - speakers, Audio > using 8 ohm speakers on 6 ohm a receiver 6 to 16 ohm 7.1 and 8 ohm speakers. says 8- 16 ohms per speaker and 6 ohm yamaha speakers,with a yamaha. Amazon. Those speakers are meant to be used by the Sony Home theater in a box system using them on another receiver will not work very well and will cause damage. 3 ohm speakers driven hard will overheat the receivers amp. This is a real concern for when mating 8-ohm or 6-ohm nominal speakers with an AV receiver thats not up to the task.That means that a 4-ohm speaker may spend a lot of its time in the 8-ohm or greater range. It also means that if youre using a subwoofer, you may never get down to its lowest How to Use 4-Ohm Speakers on an 8-Ohm Speaker System Using 4-ohm speakers in an 8-ohm speaker system is possible if you add a 4-ohm resistor in series with the 4- ohm I have a Sony stereo thats over 10 yearsCan I use 4 Ohm speakers with a 6 Ohm receiver connected to a computer? bsr rx-300 receiver rated 8-16 ohms and i want to connect mtx 4 ohm speakers solved Using 8 ohm Speakers on 6 ohm Stereo solved Can i connect 8ohm speakers directly Using 6ohm speakers with 4ohm receiver? Hi, Ive purchased Q acoustics 3020 bookshelf speakers to use with a pioneer receiver that hasnt been used for a while. I was just wondering if they will work fine. CompRT Subwoofers have the thinnest possible Greg Handy auditions the Walsh Tall 5000 tower speaker from Ohm Acoustics, which uses a Coherent Line Source (CLS) full-range driver developed by Lincoln Walsh.

That speakerRelated Post Of 6 Ohm Speaker On An 8 Ohm Receiver Avforums. - Speakers - Audio 4 ohm speakers on 8 ohm receiverAre there any advantages or disadvantages of using 8 ohm speakers over 6 ohm speakers to home theatre a/v receivers ? Using 8 ohm Speakers on 6 ohm Stereo [Solved] Speakers Audio. Lower rated impedance (less ohms) could damage the stereo because too much current is flowing through the circuit.6 ohm receiver 8 ohm speakers. Will that work? PC/Mac/Linux i have pioneer vsx d 711 av receiver with 8 ohms 100 watts power.using 6ohm speakers on an 8ohm system should be fine. but it depends on the speakers and the amp. 8 Ohm Speaker, Wholesale Various High Quality 8 Ohm Speaker Products from Global 8 Ohm Speaker Suppliers and 8 Ohm Speaker Factory,Importer,Exporter at Alibaba.

com. You want to consider heat related problems (when using lower impedence speakers in the 8 ohm position) versus the higher risk of amplifier clipping (when running the receiver at high volumes when in the 4 ohm position.) 98 Answers. Re: 4 ohm speakers with 8 ohm receivers.Please do rate this solution and thanks for using FixYa! Thanks, Sony STRDG 720 is rated 105Wx 7 at 8ohms. If you see the back of your receiver, you will note that Sony has specifically written near the speaker tereminals: Speaker Ok, so i have some 25-year old Bose 501 speakers and a Pioneer VSX-D411 Receiver lying around, and was planning on using the Receiver to power the speakers. However, the Receiver is 8-Ohm min and the speakers are 4 ohm. With online search for this question, the answers vary from: the receiver must be the same as the speakers, to 6 Ohm is fine on an 8 Ohm system (as well as) unless you plan to max out volume each time, the receiver could get too hot (I dont). Using 8 ohm Speakers on 6 ohm Stereo [Solved]. Top Experts Laptop.We discuss how to set the impedance switch to get the most power from your receiver. 6 ohm speaker on a 4 ohm rated amplifier. It is possible to connect a 6-ohm speaker to an 8-ohm amp.A: The connection of the receiver to the speaker is done by inputting the two-pronged plugs to their corresponding terminals in the receiver and the speakers I used 6 Ohms JBL speaker with 8 Ohms rated Harman Kardon receivers for 5 years without any problem from any side. Actually, any good receiver has protection so you shouldnt fire your speakers or amplifier. But a speaker uses a coil, so the impedance is not resistive, but reactive. That means it varies according to frequency. If frequency goes up (treble), impedance is increased.

Frequency goes down (bass), impedance is decreased. He might end up killing a few tweeters if the receiver is driven too hard and goes into oscillation, but I seriously doubt the receiver would ever burn itself out.The output devices in that unit have no thermal protection so the only simple way to protect it if he wants to use his 6 ohm speakers is a fuse 8 ohm speakers will draw lesser current and would not cause any harm to receiver. 21st November 2011, 13:01.Re: 6 ohm or 8 ohm speaker?? No problem in using 8ohm in place of 6ohms. Max power transfer is a thing of the past, when transformer coupling was used. You are usually safe running these speakers on the Flagship Receiver models from: Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, Harman Kardon, NAD, NakamichiYep. And I wouldnt worry about using that 6 ohm speaker. It should work fine at reasonable volumes. Never run below 4 ohms in a tube amplifier unless you are absolutely certain that i was lookign to buy set of bw 600i use with my rvd 8090rds amp. An amplifier has to apply twice the voltage to an 8 ohm speaker to get it to allow the same amperage (and thus watts) as a 4 ohm speaker. Inversely, an amplifier intended for 8 ohm loads might pass too much current if used at moderate to high levels with 4 ohm speakers My thinking is if I am using a receiver which on paper is rated lower then I will be sending the speakers a signal that is "underpowered" but they will still work. I could see having an 8 Ohm receiver and 6 Ohm speakers and having problems, but not the other way around. Are you using a Receiver or separate power amp to drive your speakers? Receivers: Most midfi Receivers may have problems adequately driving a 4 ohm load. However, many of the better Receivers today have a large enough power supply, heat sink area Yes you can use 8 ohm speakers with a receiver rated for a "minimum 6 ohm". . Most bookshelf and tower speakers are rated either 6-ohms or 8-ohms.The rating is the minimum speaker impedance it can Yes, using a 6 ohm speaker on a 4 ohm output is safe but will result in slightly lower output. 6 ohm speakers to 8 ohms receiver - Can I use a pair of 6 ohms speakers on a 8 ohms receiver? My Sherwood receiver is a 8 ohms but I found a Pioneer bookshelf speakers at Best Buy that are 6 ohms and I. If the receiver was designed to use a 6 to 8 Ohm speaker, then changing the speaker to a 3 Ohm type will demand more current from the audio amplifier. This might damage the amplifier or cause the sound to be distorted for lack of proper current through the speaker.networking opportunities, learned about some new products, heard some great speakers, learned a lot, felt inspired, and the amount of loot you get is pretty crazy. Can I use 4 Ohm speakers with a 6 Ohm receiver connected to a computer.4 ohm speakers on 8 ohm receiver Speakers Audio. But how do I hook them up. The volume up very loud. Speaker Impedance Rating Explained. tldr you can run your 6Ohm speakers fine with the receiver with out any concerns.I used to have a receiver and speakers with a 4 OHm difference, and it would shut down every 20 minutes at "normal" volume. ronintexasNov 29, 2015, 9:45 AM. When you use speakers that have a higher impedance ( 8 ohms vs. 6 ohms), the sound levels will be lower, as the power (wattage) to thesolved Can I use an amplifier to use 3ohm speakers on a 6-8 ohm receiver? I have an Onkyo a/v rated for 6 - 16 ohm speakers. Can 4 ohm speakers cause an 8 ohm amp to fail Can you use 4 ohm speaker on a 8 ohm amp?Can a 8 ohm speaker damage 6 ohm amp? Where can I find audio receivers that have an actual impedance of 4 ohms? Using a 6 ohm receiver with 4 ohm speakers just means that for a given voltage supplied by the receiver, the receiver is rated to send less current than it will have to to power the 4 ohm receiver, so this is much more likely to hurt the receiver than the speakers. Connect the negative terminal of the 8 ohm speaker to the negative speaker terminal on the receiver.Listen at each speaker to verify sound is coming from all of the speakers. The methods listed here are used to keep the number of speakers per channel low. You are usually safe running these speakers on the Flagship Receiver models from: Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, Harman Kardon, NAD, NakamichiYep. And I wouldnt worry about using that 6 ohm speaker. It should work fine at reasonable volumes. Find great deals on eBay for 10 Speaker 8 Ohm in Guitar Amplifier Parts and Accessories.Impedance is 8 ohms. If you want both, enter qty. These are designed for musical instrument or PA use. Should make for a darn good guitar speaker. How do you use 16 ohms speakers with 8 ohms amplifier? On any given day you can hear manufacturers, distributors, sales people or even customers talking about amplifiers with a "4 ohm output" or an "8 ohm output". Popular 32 ohm speakers of Good Quality and at Affordable Prices You can Buy on AliExpress.You will find a high quality 32 ohm speakers at an affordable price from brands like JU-HIWOR. Looking for something more? SolvedCan I use an amplifier to use 3ohm speakers on a 6-8 ohm receiver? solution.SolvedCan i connect 8ohm speakers directly to a preamplifier without using a power amplifier? solution. 6 ohm and 8 ohm speakers powered by a yamaha 496 amp (2 channels 75 watts per channel) solution. 8 ohm speaker into 8 ohm amp plug, etc. There is no difference, given the exact same speaker, between a 16 ohm version and an 8 ohm version. Just match up the impedances to keep your OT from melting down. - Using 8 ohm Speakers on 6 ohm Stereo 29/11/2015 Solved Can I use an amplifier to use 3ohm speakers on a 6-8 ohm receiver? solution I have an Onkyo a/v rated for 6 - 16 ohm speakers. Find great deals on eBay for 8" 4 Ohm Speaker in DJ Speakers and Monitors. Shop with confidence.Used for SD USB speaker, bluetooth speaker, and etc. 8ohm 2w Loudspeaker. Rated power: 2w. The spec on my speakers is 6 ohm. Should I switch the amp to 4 ohm, and if so why?If I was in doubt of this, I might use the 8 ohm so as to not stress the power supply. Also, as I dont listen all that loud, I find the control offered on the 4 ohm tap better.

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