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Meaning of German. What does German mean?An Indo-European (Indo-Germanic) language, primarily spoken in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, South Tyrol, Switzerland, Luxembourg and a small part of Belgium. In my opinion every person has to define his or her own definition of what does it mean for him or her to be German, but I will start to create my own one. Many various significant German personalities reached a high prestige in certain sections of Germanys culture. The German adverb also does not mean also, too as many English-speakers assume it does.There are two different words for friend in German: Freund is masculine and Freundin is feminine. When talking about more than one female friend, use the plural Freundinnen. In 2008, anheuser busch had a market share in the united states of 50. First, the influx of german immigrants throughout middle and that means even larger But what else do we know about the book? When was it written and is it banned?We stop the endless German movement to the south and west, and turn our gaze toward the land in the east." Was the book banned in Germany? As German troops freed Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia at the beginning of the Eastern campaign, the world learned of the dreadful crimes committed against these three small, defenseless peoples. A few official statistics from the Baltic nations answer the question: What does Bolshevization mean? What do « » mean in German/Swiss newspapers?A dummy "es" means that the "es" doesnt refer to anything in particular, its just a placeholder, and can also be omitted. So you could also say "Es ist mir kalt." zee Germans I dunno what Im doing in here, Peace!Anyone who recognises either of these quotes probably wouldnt even consider asking what the "zee" meant. Its pretty simple, nothing deep and meaningful -- except perhaps it has the depth of the British psyche behind it What Does Yarmulke Mean? View All ».Oy vey In Germany they say "Au weia" which means - loosley translated "Oh pain" Id always assumed that the Yiddish was derived from the German, but apparently not. i agree that "what is it mean" is just how you would pronounce "what does it mean" in a relaxed state.novice81 Senior Member. Sweden. German. Hi.

Yes, it was probably "whats that mean?", but to me it sounded like "what IS that mean?". Thanks. The Wehrmacht (German pronunciation: [vemaxt] ( listen), lit. "defence force")[N 1] was the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1946.What Does Holocaust Denial Really Mean? Daniel McGowan. Germanys failure to implement it does not mean it has not distanced itself from ethno- centrism.BERLIN And if the CDU and SPD continue their grand coalition, what does that mean? That an Nationalism and Contemporary German Politics: Inclusion versus Exclusion. Translation of "what does it mean" in German.So what does it mean that I was called twice? Becuase for me it would be much better to say "What does it mean". Although, I hear a lot of people saying "what is that mean?".Of course What does that mean is the correct sentence.

Mean is a notion verb so does is the best auxiliary. He even listed 10 items, in bullet points, that he said define German culture: We shake hands. We are not burqa (whatever that means).Germany should finally do away with its neutrality laws and allow judges and teachers to wear head scarves. Germany should accept that putting your hand on German and English are both Germanic languages, so they not only share many grammatical features but also have a lot of similar words.

Put simply, the German word Chef (m) simply means: boss. The person who does his magic in a kitchen is called Koch (m). What do I mean by that?Spanish French Arabic Chinese (Mandarin) German Italian Russian Korean Japanese Portuguese —— Afrikaans Albanian Armenian Basque Bengali Bulgarian Catalan Cambodian Chinese (Cantonese) Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Fijian Finnish What do the intials eV really mean? You see them at the end of a social/sporting/kinder groups name. I am assuming that this must give the group/club somDiscussion forum. German news and life. Life in Germany. Hi guys my girlfriend sent me a sms in german, it ends this way: bis irgendwann mal what does this mean? how should i reply?? tHanx!!leobloom Friday 09th of September 2005 08:48:21 PM ehmok ill do that right away!!! I was replying to her and i wrote: Ich hoffen diese satze (with It means section in German law.What does this quote mean?how the quote below relates to contradictions of Wang Lungs actions since his return from the South. So what does it truly mean to be a German citizen today? Obviously, to be a German means to live within the boundaries of Germany, and receive the same rights and privileges as its other citizens. But to many people, being German is more than that. Imagine if your first name just happened to be a regular, everyday German word. What would it mean? Just answer these 7 simple questions and well let you know what your name really says about you! The arithmetic mean (average) or. The geometric diameter. Context is key, in your diagram its the average value as its about statistics. Should you find the symbol in a technical drawing, for example, its probably the diameter of a hole, bolt or similar. germ-man.words tag women would come on set what does that mean that sounds like HORDES OF WOMEN were just invading the b5 set to go stare at andreas katsulas. Maybe its taken from german language. Has this word the same meaning in english like in German?What Does That Paragraph Mean? In German, theres a step between like and love. Ich habe dich lieb (I love you) is a less intense version of Ich liebe dich (I love you).1. Schatz (der). What does it mean literally? Jewel, gem or treasure. Who should you use it for, and how popular is it? Here are 24 best answers to What does this German sentence mean?For English native speakers. What does this sentence mean? Hi, everybody I want to ask one question regarding following sentences from the VOA news. English-German translation for: What does that mean.English-German online dictionary developed to help you share your knowledge with others. More information! Contains translations by TU Chemnitz and Mr Honeys Business Dictionary ( German-English). Translation for What does that mean? in the free English-German dictionary and many other German translations.The most German thing I do is voting in Germany, the most German thing I own is my passport and aside from And do Germans mean the same things by right and left as, for instance, Americans do? The meaning of the terms, which originated in the French Revolution of 1789, have changed throughout the ages and vary from culture to culture. So now you know - <3 means "Love (heart shape)" - dont thank us. YW! What does <3 mean? < 3 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the <3 definition is given.Hab Dich Lieb (I love you in German). Do you know more translations for "What does that mean?"? Help our dictionary grow with your comment Feedback.Similar translations for "What does that mean?" in German. What does the mean in German? Im not sure if I got your question right.What does germanic mean? It is a word used to describe every nation or person that has Germanic roots or language.(Britain,Germany,Iceland,Luxemburg,Belgium,Austria,Norway etc.) Idk, Im learning German in school and the teacher said to challenge myself by playing video games or watching movies in German. In the subtitles I sometimes see "tja". What does that mean, German speakers?! What does the german word vom mean the closest german word is the swiss. Von mean of or from in german many people mistakenly think and announce that german names that include von must be nobility or former nobility but this assumption is incorrect german nobles d Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. What does "Cafrenbach" mean in German? What is the difference in meaning among the following words: yes, yeah, ya, yep and yup? A protester holds a German translation of George Orwells book 1984 as he demonstrates for journalists rights on August 1, 2015 in Berlin, Germany."What Does That Quote Mean?" ThoughtCo, Aug. German. Sample sentences: This gesture means a lot to me. In the past this was a mean behavior. Diese Geste bedeutet mir sehr viel. In der Vergangenheit war es ein gemeines Benehmen. Sorry, I did not mean to hurt you and I want to apologize. What does that mean? By Henry Farrell By Henry Farrell Email the author May 28, 2017 Email the author Follow henryfarrell.German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a crowd Sunday in southern Germany that Europe can no longer rely on foreign partners. 315. Part 6: When in Germany, Do As the Germans Do!You point to things a lot and ask, What is that? or Was ist das (vAs ist dAs)? and What does that mean? or Was bedeutet das (vAs be-doy-tuht dAs)? In German the word Tod means dead. It is pronounced Tote. That is not how the word is spelled.If you use a German translator you will only get the actual name back because German does not translate names any different. What Does That Mean? from people who know at Ask Experience.While I take in as a compliment, I have no idea what they mean by it?? (Even my husband said I have the old German features.He says I look like I am from WW1.) German is one of those languages in which nouns have a gender, so many job titles implicitly have a gender attached to them. Whether that historically means anything or not in regard to actual biological genders is a different discussion. Weve got 1 definition for PADO What does PADO stand for? How to say What do you mean in German. Find out it here! Looking for the definition of PADO? pre-1871) Any of the German states. Get PADO : Definition and Meaning. EnglishGerman GermanEnglish.Now, my question is, what does that mean? Although there are many ways to express a lot or very much in German, not all of the above do so.Remember that this phrase doesnt make much sense when translated literally to English, but means that you are glad to have done something for the speaker. What does that mean? Jack Batty.I guess it is another bad translation. Somehow the German in American movies/TV shows is almost always subtly wrong, as if there are no German speakers one can ask. So what exactly does Drumpf mean? As it turns out, it doesnt mean anything, but its close relative Trumpf does! According to Google Translate, "trumpf" is German for "trump card," which is a noun that refers to the game of bridge, originally — and other card games — where a playing card of a particular german business culture characteristics - German Expressions and Sayings - Telephoning in Germany - Presenting - What does a German mean? - German Stereotypes - job application in Germany. What does that mean for science?BERLIN—Angela Merkel will likely remain chancellor after the German elections on Sunday, but the voting will shake up German federal politics in another way.

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