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There are few phones between 15000 to 20000 price bar with a 6.0-inch display and at least 3000mAh battery and 3 GB RAM. Gionee A1 Plus, which is priced at Rs 20,000 is the best one for you.Which is the best phone with a 5-inch screen size under Rs 15,000? 6. Get the right size screen Buy a phone with a screen smaller than 5.5 inches if one-hand use is important to you or if you have smaller hands.8. The processor matters less than it used to Even midrange phones now offer good-enough performance for most users. The Blade Z Max features an awesome 6-inch display, dual-lens camera and fingerprint sensor, all for less than 150.If you happen to be a power user, this phone is perfect for you. Specs: 5. 5-inch full HD screen. 2 GB RAM | 16 GB internal storage. What about the Sonys compact phones? Arent those 5" or less, with powerful hardware, and water resistant? (There is no water proof phones, to be pedantic about it).If the screen to bezel ratio is similar to the s8 then 5 inches will be a good bit smaller than 5" phones in the past like the s4. However, a leakster from China has claimed that Samsung is working on an ultra-small smartphone of less than 5 inches.Hence, some Samsung fans are speculating that the rumored full screen phone with compact design could be the Galaxy A3 (2018). Well, youre in luck. Here are five phones that prove you dont have to spend more than 100 to get a decent phone.If the buttons arent for you, the Alcatel Pixi 4 offers a good service for less than 50.

This has a nice 4-inch screen and runs Android 6.0. In practice that includes most phones with a screen of under five inches, as well as a handful of 5-inchers, but it excludes handsets that dont make the most of their space. Theres no room for big bezels here. First, it is reported to have a 5.4 or 5.5-inch curved screen, the same size as iPhone 6 Plus.This is going to be a worth-considering option for those who want their phone to last more than 24 hours. On the other hand, price is also a point that can make Elephone P8000 a good choice. All this has increased the competition even more than before.

This craze has led the cell phone companies to produce the best and the most advanced cell phones atThe camera resolution is of at least 5 megapixels. There are many cell phones available for the 3.5-inch screen size smartphones. Lesser screen - While the Retina Display screen on the 8 Plus is amazing, its not as good as the screen on the X, since it doesnt use OLED, isntSmallest form factor - If youre really attached to the idea of a small phone, the SE is it. With its 4-inch screen, its much smaller than any other phone on Less than 4500 4 - 5 inches screen. Abhinav Singh.Best android phone with in 5000, minimum requirements are 8 mp camera, 1 gb ram, 4 gb rom, 4.5 to 5 inches screen, best battery life, jelly bean and above Though the Vkworld is less powerful than the MAZE or Bluboo models, this is well reflected in the price — theYou have a 5.5 inch FHD screen, Android 7.0, the MTK6737T Quad Core at 1.5GHz and 2GB RAMThe best alternative phones to iPhone X with similar key features. What is the best camera In our list of best small screen phones iPhone 8 is the winner all thanks to the A11 bionic processor. As it makes the phone fastest small screen phone around. But this doesnt mean that other phones dont stand a chance to win. Sometimes called phablets, a portmanteau of phone and tablet, large- screen phones are typically defined as devices with a display of 5.5 inches or larger.Personally I find it too big and would switch except I only bought the Moto from Amazon less than 12 months ago based on its good reviews (it is Talk of a bezel-less phone has been swirling in recent months and the screen-to-body ratio has been steadily climbing in many of the top new releases.With a 5.8-inch curved Infinity Display, the Galaxy S8 is one of the best-looking phones on our list. Also see the best phones of 2018 for the latest handsets that might cost you a little more. Specifications to look for in a mid-range phone.Waterproofing and the dual-lens camera sets this apart from rivals, and we like the 5.2in screen size for comfort and practicality. Its slower than the It is a screen of 5.2 inches, screen slightly smaller than the original model, but with a compact body equivalent to that in the past had the 4.7- inch smartphones.Vernee MIX 2 Review: The Best Full Body Bezel-Less Phone For 165 ! UMIDIGI S2 Pro Review: 6- inch Bezel-less Phone With 2 Daysfor smartphones » Android News 2017 » 5 Best Chinese smartphone with 4. 5-inch screen.Especially in this regard, encouraging Chinese manufacturers, offering cheap phones with goodNo less attractive than the aforementioned smartphone looks A5 model from Blackview producer. Heres our list of five phones under five inches that prove that great things can come in small packages.Love it or hate it, the Samsung Galaxy range is well-known for its large screen-size, with each generation consistently measuring nearly an inch larger than the iPhone. Yes, Chinese mobile phones are much cheaper than Western mobile phones, and if you likeWhat 5 big screen mobiles can you buy for less than 150 euros?it is not that we will have problems in the display of the image (there is 42- inch screen in HD and they look good) but we like the options above. LAVA Pixel V2 is one of the best 5.5 inch screen mobile phones in the market. It just weighs 128 grams and offers 16 GB ROM.I Need to. Good Camera Play games Watch Movies, music etc. Price. Less than Rs. A brief overview of the smartphone market highlights the tendency for manufacturers to launch phones with the large screen diagonal of more than 5.Filed in : Home Tech How To Guides and Tutorials The Top Best Top 15 Mobiles with a 5-inch screen or more. By small size, we mean phones having screens below 5.1 inch. We know that exactly isnt small, but it is the best that is currently available.Best smartphones with 18:9 display (bezel-less).Best phones with small screen. Best phones under Rs 5,000. Youre not gonna tell me most of these phones are better than it. And why do you always say that Flyme is full of bugs? You never show any examplesAndi, Is it possible an analysis of the mobiles with 5 inch screen? Neither more nor less, just 5 inch. Classifieds related to:Best phone in 5 inch screen. Motorola moto E4 4th generation smart mobile phone locked on Tesco.Price is more than 20 above the estimated market price for similarly classed vehicles. Dont Miss Best android phone under 5000 in India 2014. Best smartphones with big screens in India. 1) XOLO Q3000 13 MP Rear Camera with BSI 2 Sensor and 5 MP Front Camera with BSI Sensor 5.7-inch FHDIn case you need much bigger screen than this then I think you should buy a tablet. Best Large Screen CellPhones Best 5 inch Screen CellPhones Best 4 inch Screen CellPhones.Smartphones come with bigger screens sizes, greater than 4 inch and range up to 5. 5 inch useful for watching videos, reading books and playing games. Almost all high-end smartphones now feature displays of at least 5 inches. The trend is for smart phones with a very large screen size.Heres our selection of the best smartphones with a screen of less than 5 inches! These are the worst screens of the category. Of course these phones cost much less than the premium competitors.well, you are right, I thought the same but I read this article on wikipedia about which phones are considered phablets and it says 5 inches to 6.4. Most of the phones released these days are dual SIM thus, most of them in this list will be. We choose 5 inch screen because its the mostAnd considering the Indian budget mindset this list will contain mobiles which are less than Rs. 10,000 download best HD racing games for android. But for the purposes of this article, we mean a phone with a display diagonal of less than a 5 inches. Why? Two reasonsI also totally agree that a 5" phone with good screen to body ratio would be great. Thats why I compiled this article for you to find out best Android phones available in the market having more than 5 inch screen size.Android Phones Below Rs 15000 With At Least 8 MP Camera. I went into Best Buy yesterday because they have phones for all providers right there. I checked and theres only a few phones with screens less than 5 inches but they are on Sprint. I wont go to Sprint. Constructing a single list of the best smartphones in 2015 didnt seem quite adequate, because often shoppers are in the market for either a screen that runs 5.5 - 5.7 inches, or one thats less than 5 inches.

One of LGs stylish flagship phones, it comes with a sharp 1440 x 2560 (5. 5 inch) screen. What are all the best, latest 4.5 inch screen smartphones release part 3 months in the market? Is there any Android smartphone with 4. 5 inch display and 16 GB internal storage, 2GB RAM?Now a days mobile companies are not manufacturing phones with screen size less than 5 inch. 5.1 inch Samsung Galaxy S7. The newest phone from Samsung comes in at a high price, likely to rival that of the newMeet the next iPhones top rivals: In a market ruled by huge handsets, we found the seven best smartphones sporting screen sizes no bigger than 5.2-inches. Read More Read Less. A high-end phone with sub-5 inch display is a rare commodity these days. Though phones with ample screen has its advantage, it doesnt mean everyone favor the 5 inch and up screen size which is the norm for flagship devices nowadays. Screen size. Less than 4 inches 4 - 5 inches More than 5 inches.New for 2017, the P10 Lite is an update to the extremely popular and top-rated Huawei P9 Lite. Its almost the same phone, with a few upgrades that are well worth having. My app works well with phones less than 5" and tablets greater than 7", but the gray area that is between 5" and 7" (phablets) makes to define saparate layout for 6 inch Screens in android. Screen size: 5.2 inches. Battery life: 19 hours talk time. Lenovos series of Android smartphones are some of the best value buys out there.While you can simply break down phones in terms of handset price, many providers in the UK offer deals to pick up new phones for less than the main price. If youre in the market for one of the best small Android phones, the Pixel 2 is a great option. This device has a 5-inch OLED 1080p display with a pixel density of 441 ppi. It doesnt have a fancy 18:9 aspect ratio screen or a bezel-less design, though it does have Of course, if you prefer smaller screens, the 5-inch Pixel 2 is also available, which is identical the OG (apart from size and screen). 4. OnePlus 5T. The best smartphone if you want to spend less than 500. Youre not imagining things: phones are getting bigger. While the average screen size for a smartphone was between 4.5 and 5 inches in 2015 according to Heres a closer look at some of our favorite phones with screen sizes that are 5 inches or less.Despite measuring an inch smaller than the Pixel 2 XLs 6-inch QHD display, this models full-HD screen still employs AMOLED technology for stellar contrast and colors that burst off the panel. Right now, you can even find an iPhone SE (399 at launch) for less than 250, or the older (but still good) HTC One M8 for 160.Sub-250 phones run the gamut when it comes to size, too, so you can pick from a big 5. 5-inch screen down to a more compact 4.7-inch option. But still it would be way better than a 5 inch. Take it or no any screen size less than 6 inches does not provide an awesome browsing experience. Especially with those less than HD resolution. bro I advice you go for gionee m5 men that phone is superb Android Phones - Know Why They Are So Popular. New Mobile Security App for Android Smartphones.The best part is that it is available at a less price than Rs.Further, it is enriched with a 5.5 inch display screen along-with a 13 megapixel camera, which gives you the space to click All the phones listed have screens larger than 5 inches and HD resolution.If you, like me, are really clumsy and has lost a couple phones due to liquid spillage, you may leave your troubles ( well, at least this one) behind with the Lenovo Moto G5 Plus. Single-handed use of a 6-inch phone still sounds futuristic to me, but the V30, Samsungs Galaxy S8 Plus, Xiaomis Mi Mix 2, and nowI find that Face Unlock usually works well, identifying me even in a perfectly dark room — the lock screen turns on, illuminates my face, and less than a second after Size compare. Best phones. Camera comparison. Benchmarks.Display. 5.5" or larger. 5" to 5.5". Less than 5". High PPI. Great screen-to-body ratio. Camera.

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