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It means, I dont understand what you mean this doesnt sound natural though, a native English speaker would probably say, I dont understand what you mean if they were confused by something you said.Its from the movie Hes just not that into you. Its not quite clear to me Im not quite sure I know what you mean. I beg your pardon, but I dont quite understand. I dont quite see what you mean, Im afraid. Sorry, I didnt quite hear what you said. Sure? I think lack of experience causes accidents.I disagree completely, especially if you are talking about America. Emotion seems to dominate every argument. It is actually quite scary because the defining quality of emotion is that it is incompatible with logic. quite sure meaning Results. Top Keywords Suggestions. Export:

English Phrase: Im not quite sure (clause) | Dont go into hiding because you may have offended someone. We know you are not a mean spirited person.My emotional skin is thin and sensitive, and Im sure thats true of many here. Participating in this type of forum is risky in that regard - a community of the easily He said, I am not quite sure, meaning that he wasnt really certain that God would save him from his sins—and then he continuedWhen I read that story, I thought about the young man whose quiet, spontaneous testimony inspired a hymn that has meant so much to millions of people all over the world. Or perhaps no ones quite sure what he meant in the first place. After tweeting that he needed some time to get away from the game, hes since come back with another message saying he was doing great and grateful to be Warning: This video contains explicit lyrics. Were not quite sure we know what AB SOTO means about people being crunchy, but we know this song is catchy! I am not quite sure what you mean by back-to-front womb but I think it is probably what we doctors call a retroverted uterus. 3.

If one asks a German a civil question, he will be quite sure to get a civil answer. The Free Dictionary Language Forums » English » Literature » Not quite sure what these lyrics mean.Joined: 10/15/2009 Posts: 1,570 Neurons: 4,778 Location: United States. Hey everyone, I am curious as to the meaning of the lyrics for the song "Eva" by Nightwish. im not quite sure definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also quite so,quite so,quite something,feel (quite) oneself, Reverso dictionary, English Sorry? means Can you say the same thing again? Really? means I understood what you said, but I am not sure how to react yet.5. You are not quite sure how to react to a piece of news introduced by the other speaker. I am not quite sure what he means by this. I am not aware that any one (with the exception of certain ancient heretics) has propounded doubts as to the reality of the crucifixion The modern, blazingly pimped flag im not quite sure what mean but desktop can change your spirit and generates pleasure for you to be lovely. There are different opt in wallpaper pictures, but you can get any as claimed by your mood and seducion. not quite sure definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also quite so,quite so,quite something,feel (quite) oneself, Reverso dictionary, English definition, English vocabulary. Yes, quite sure. ( completely sure) Quite means completely with a number of adjectives, especially( I completely agree) Not quite not completely: They havent quite finished their dinner yet. I dont quite understand what you mean. Just reading the dialogue, its hard to understand what theyre saying, but in context of what theyre talking about in the show, we understand the meaning. Monica is dating a guy her friends really like, but she isnt feeling like she really likes him. to be sure of sb: Ive always felt very sure of John — siempre he confiado mucho en John. he was not quite sure of Flora — tena sus dudas acerca de Flora.I sure am bored — no veas si estoy aburrido . "know what I mean?" - " sure do" — -sabes, no? -claro que s or claro que lo s. (as) sure as, Im I was also put off by his repeated use of the word meaning (meaning of life, meaning in life), which, to my ear, does not belong in a rational discourse. But apparently Peterson has become a Youtube celebrity so after I watched a part of his Bible Series talk In British English, quite has two different meanings. It does mean completely or entirely, but it also means fairly or rather.His performance on stage was quite amazing - we were just spellbound for three hours! Are you quite sure? UK formal Are you quite sure you want to go? Quite honestly/frankly, the thought of it terrified me.Not quite meaning not completelyWe often use not quite to mean not completely. But I am not quite sure this meaning is implied here. Seems to fit the context (drug users are afraid they will be deceived by sellers), but it also may be a slang word with another meaning Im not aware of. 0 meaning. Write about your feelings and thoughts. Know what this song is about? Does it mean anything special hidden between the lines to you? Share your meaning with community, make it interesting and valuable. Make sure youve read our simple tips. I am "quite sure" that "pretty sure" means "almost sure".This girl teases you a lot im pretty sure in a joking way but when you ask why she says because your younger than her does this still mean she likes you? Mick thats not what they mean by cashback. 11 months ago. 49 views. 03:01.Not quite sure whats going on here 8 months ago. 22 views. Algebra -> Quadratic-relations-and-conic-sections -> SOLUTION: Im not quite sure what this means What does mean in this sentence, the best i can come up with is, "every time something happens", but it doesnt seem quite right. The other meaning I was thinking about would be more like describing what Person A had said, and attributing meaning to what A had said that A did not intend.Stative Verbs - I Am Thinking That? Should I Use A Comma? Meaning Of Damn Sure? FCE SPEAKING TEST useful phrases. Asking for clarification Sorry, Im not sure what you mean. I dont (really) understand Can you say that again, please? Im not (quite) sure what I have to do. Can I ask a question? not quite sure what it really means, now what are you supposed to think when he tellls some people he likes you. Tolkien: Speaking of Orodreth, Im not quite sure about his father either.Tolkien: Well, maybe he should be his former brothers son.Which means he needs to be sure that he will receive a yes from the mouth of the woman he In chapter 3 (The Broken Lute), what is the meaning of "den" in the following paragraph: "The effect on the whole needing but a skull to resemble that venerable chromo, once a fixture in every den." "Im not quite sure" is followed by a question word like "who", "what", "when", "where", "why", or "how". Its also possible to follow it with "that" and then a statement, like this: Im not quite sure that Im ready to start dating again. Ive heard this phrase on the internet. Im not quite sure what it means though -- 3,351 views, 1 upvote, Made by MineStar35 17 months ago. Many translated example sentences containing "is not quite sure" Russian-English dictionary and search engine for Russian translations.Im not sure that you realise that what you heard is not what I meant. Its not quite leaping a tall building in a single bound, but its the next best thing. If it has not quite been able to reach its goal, itWhat does the Australian term mushie mean? a person who regularly swims outdoors in winter.Please make sure that your email address is correct and try again. Does "it doesnt quite fit" mean "it isnt quite right/proper" in spoken English? Instead of "pleased to meet you", is it acceptable to say, "charmed, Im sure"? Can you say "Im quite frightened right now by you "? However I am told that in informal speaking when people say "I am quite sure " it means they are almost sure and not completely.Quite doesnt always mean "completely" (Ill try to find you a couple of other threads on this topic), but it does when its paired with sure. Quite also means completely. For example: - Are you sure?- I dont quite understand what you mean. - They havent quite finished their dinner yet. - Are you ready yet? -> Not quite. ( not completely). "" can be rephrased as "," which means "taking advantage of any available opportunities, under any excuse possible. I have difficulty in understanding the given quote. Im not quite sure about this sentence because I understand it to mean "provided that a particular director of the Company is (also) a member of the Board of Directors of that company. However, the use of the indicative is causing me to have some doubts. She means you should ask her out but it could also mean ur her backup plan. Hilarious: Sarah Palin Not Quite Sure Where the White House Is - Duration: 3:02. The Majority Report with Sam Seder 913,523 views.Im not quite sure what you mean - Duration: 2:17. Not Quite Sure definition, categories, type and other relevant information provided by All Acronyms.The meaning of NQS abbreviation is "Not Quite Sure". I think he is coming, but I am not quite sure. SynonymsAntonyms are the negative connotation of a particular word. An Antonym is a word or phrase that is opposite in meaning to a particular word or a phrase in the same language. Sure enough definition: You say sure enough , especially when telling a story, to confirm that something was | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. The reasons for her departure are unclear, although her decision to announce it the day after bruising testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, is sure to raise eyebrows. you are absolutely sure you wont need it again.not quite/entirely sureWhat are they? Im not entirely sure.not exactly sureIm not exactly sure when the funeral is.not very/too sureMake a list of any words or phrases whose meaning you are not too sure about.not at all sureBy now Edit: Some other responses touched on another reason this wont work quite right as well.This turns out to be true, since we gave 4 and not 6.

This means that the program heads right into the next line of code, asking for another roll. 3 (permalink) Wed Jan 28, 2009 16:00 pm Meaning of for sure. Why not absolutely ? because absolutely means for sure !!Im afraid I have to disagree. Here in the US we DO say such things, and I am a native speaker of English. Ive been visiting this forum for quite a while, and this statement

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