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Thats the max I can turn it up to with Thunder Master by Palit - yes, Im using software calledCan I Sli GTX 660 With GTX 660 FTW im buying evga 660 ftw can i sli it with simle gtx 660 in future ???I was wondering what the proper temperatures for the Asus GTX 660 ti was and a good temperature Just for fun we tested two GTX 660Ti cards in dual-care SLI configuration, though they were not the same card as you see in this review. However, the cards we tested had a mild overclock compared to the EVGA board, but we can expect similar results. There are two characteristics that influence the maximum theoretical pixel fillrate. They are graphics frequency and the number of ROPs.GeForce GTX 660 Ti. Part number. 02G-P4-3665-KR. Unfortunately, my video card (EVGA GTX 660Ti) doesnt seem to be stepping down (see screenshot).The gpu temperature is 10-15 C higher than idle and my whole system consumes around 25 watts more. The gpu temperatures dont are rigthes. i have a msi 660 ti oc and my gpu temperatues all all times higths thand yours .I just purchased 2 EVGA GTX 660 TI SC 3GB and they are only hitting 60C under load. hello I have a problem with 990FX-GD80, when I connect my evga gtx 660 , the PC does not complete the boot, apparently does not recognize the video card (testedCould be the vbios, I know with some MSI 660ti, they come shipped with a hybid bios. World records achieved by overclocking a Evga GeForce GTX 660 Ti Ti SC videocard. Click on view more to see the complete hall of fame.3DMark 99 Max. n/a. Rankings. На что способна сегодня видеокарта 2012 года GTX 660ti в играх GTA 5 Ведьмак 3 и Tomb Raider ТЕСТИРУЕМ ВИДЕОКАРТУ 2012 ГОДА - NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti Introduction Review NCIX Tech Tips GTX 660 Ti SLI vs GTX 680 Apr 8, 2013 1:32am. Overclocking EVGA GTX 660 TI 3gb GPUs.

Was just wondering if anyone has the same cards as I do and if you have successful settings for precision x that I can use for overclocking them? EVGA GTX 660Ti Superclocked. Almost all the cards weve tested so far used Hynix memory, but this time around its Samsung.As you can see, increasing the fan RPM may knock the temperature to about 70C. GeForce GTX 660 Ti supports PCI Express 3.0. The Intel X79/SNB-E PCI Express 2.

0 platform is only currently supported up to 5GT/s (PCIE 2.0) bus speeds even though some motherboard manufacturers have enabled higher 8GT/s speeds. EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB. Core Specs. 1344 CUDA Cores.This technology is based on the temperature and power draw of your card, as well as what application youre running. The card will tailor its clock speeds for maximum performance longevity. Nvidias new GeForce GTX 660 Ti has its crosshairs set on the HD 7870. Assuming its priced competitively, the GTX 660 Ti seems like it could put a real hurting onBenchmarks: Just Cause 2, Max Payne 3. Power Consumption Temperatures. Overclocking Performance. Final Thoughts. Author of the Video: Cult Of Mush . Crysis 3 MAX Settings 1080p EVGA GTX 660 Ti Video Games Online. EVGAs GeForce GTX 660 Ti is quite a long card, which is indicating more or less, that this card is almost identical to GeForce GTX 670. According to the source, card is utilizing a GK104-325-A2 GPU (the same as GTX 670). Have never like Asus video cards, have always preferred EVGA but I like the design of the CU IIs. 1nfinitysL1mit: I would get the ftw edition, the standard doesnt get hot but the fan has to be put on max.Renan Kaic: Hey can you say to me the temperature of this GTX 660Ti? View all EVGA GTX 660 Ti FTW LE specs in our GPU Database.Range: -38, 41 Fan Speed Min: 30 Max: 80 Memory Support GDDR5, Hynix GDDR5, Samsung Performance Level 0 Core Clk: 324.00 MHz Mem Clk: 162.00 MHz PerformanceEVGA, gtx 660 ti, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti. Nvidia 600 Series. GeForce GTX 660 Ti EVGA FTW Edition.Memory Bus.

192 Bit. Max Resolution. EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti SuperClocked. Gigabyte GV-N66TOC-2GD. MSI N660Ti Power Edition 2GD5/OC.Temperature, audio and energy consumption. Overclocking. Conclusion. EVGA GTX 660 TI issues. GTX 750 Ti Superclocked 2gb problems.use "" to send multiple recipients. Personal Message. Optional (500 chareater max). Anti-Spam Validation. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti.EVGA GeForce GTX 660 2GB (02G-P4-2660) Graphics Card. Product status: Released | Report Error.Maximum Temperature. 97 C. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition Review. MSI GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G Review.12. Temperature Power Consumption. 13. Conclusion. More on eVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB SC Edition. 21. load GPU temperature. A lower load temperature means that the card produces less heat and its cooling system performs better. 75C( EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti FTW Plus). EVGA GTX660 Temperature issue. Hello, Ive been a reader of this forum anonymously for almost six years, since I came only for knowledge and updates on technology (you guys rock).EVGA Gtx 660 ti www.tomshardware.co.uk Will a GTX660 ti run BF3 on Ultra settings with 60 Fps? GTX 660ti max temp? By Ryan.L, March 8, 2013 in Graphics Cards 5 replies.Hey everyone i was just wondering, What do you think is the max temperature should be for a 660ti? Because i need to know the hottest it should get when I overclock it. Page 1 of 10. The video card market in the past 8 months has been filled with lots of up and downs. Both AMD and Nvidia have been going back and forth as they introduce their new product lineups. Kepler specifically has been especially impressive in the efficiency and power side of things. Gigabyte GTX 660 Ti. Max Boost Clock.The blower-based EVGA card performs almost identically to the GTX 670, which makes sense given the similarities between the cards. (EVGA show more I want to be able to run games like Battlefield 3 in ultra ( max) settings on a triple-screen display, and the 192-bit memory bus of the GTX 660 TI is a bit unnerving, and I feel anti-aliasing on a 5760x1080 display would kill the performance. EVGA GTX 660Ti SC Cooler Performance. As you can see, the temperature at idle is fine but it heats up to zomg-its-hot levels in short order.What i want is to max every game at 60 FPS 1920 x 1080P including BF3 and have some good overclocking fun. thats exactly what i have in the 7870 and asus m5a97 le r2.0 amd fx6300 evga gtx 660 ti ftw 2gb corsair gs800 seagate ssd hybrid. any info would be great.after opening it, choose sensors tab, then play normally, and go to it and click on the temperature textbox until a green MAX word shows up and post the temp here so i can know if it is Config. Notes (OS/TEMPS/DRIVERS/HW/FIRMWARE). GTX 660 Ti SuperClocked, EVGA.Windows 7 x64, v331.58 driver, ASRock Extreme4, i5 3.3GHz, 8GB RAM. GTX 660 Ti SuperClocked, EVGA 3GB. 150. Minecraft GTX 660 Ti gameplay max settings 720p.Graphics card: EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti 3GB Power supply: KINGWIN 850W Power Supply CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.4GHz CPU Cooler: Cooler Master V8 Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 RAM: G.SKILL Sniper 8GB DDR3 1333 Case Based on 27,004 user benchmarks for the Nvidia GTX 650 Ti and the GTX 660 Ti, we rank them both on effective speed and value for moneyBest Bench: 22 EVGA(3842 3650) 1GB Worst Bench: 18 Gigabyte(1458 3557) 1GB.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Avg. FPS 1080p on Max. With the EVGA GTX 660ti SC running at the same specs (very high, 1920 x 1080) the frames would average at 110fps with a maximum temperatureI usually only hit around 75, but the safe operating max temps from that series of cards is usually 90. so mostly you doont have to worry about it. just EVGA gives the card two DVI connectors (dual-link), one HDMI and a DisplayPort connector (full size). A nice open mesh makes sure the card can exhaust its heat. The GeForce GTX 660 Ti has a maximum power consumption of roughly 150 Watts Unlike consoles, the EVGA GTX 660 Ti FTW Signature 2 can deliver quality games at the full 19201080 easily.At idle you can expect a temperature of 28-35 C but once pushed to 100, the temperatures will rise to 70-80 C. Even in the hottest summer weather, the dual fan cooler keepsGTX 660 are massively better than the Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 EVGA Classified UltraAs a result, the GTX 560 Ti exhibits a 2.4 GPixel/s better Pixel Fill Rate than the GeForce GTX 660.This means they are more energy efficient and will consequently lead to cooler operating temperatures. EVGA GTX 660 TI Superclocked SLI x2 (two cards in SLI). This is two graphics cards that comes with the SLI bridge for ultimate performance. Everything works perfectly, I play all games in max settings amazon GTX 660 Ti reviews. Confused memory configuration. The 660 Tis VRAM memory capacity is also an interesting point.where can you get a GTX 660 Ti online. EVGA GeForce GTX 660Ti 2048MB GDDR5 DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI, DP, SLI GraphicsAsus ZenFone 4 Max - February 23, 2018. Edition37C70C Important: GPU temperature will vary depending on clock speed, voltage settings, cooler design, and production variances.Best prices weve seen for the EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti. Lets take a quick look at how the GTX 660 Ti differs from its pricier cousins. Note that the listed clock frequencies are for eVGAs GTX 660 Ti SC model, which is clocked slightly higher than Nvidias reference card. A 770 is essentially a GTX 680, so youre pretty much asking if a 660Ti is better than a 680.Price: Gigabyte Highest Performance: EVGA Classified MSI Lightning, Inno3D Most Silent: Asus DCUIIMax recorded temperatures during a 10 minute loop of Metro Last Light, 22C ambient: Reference These resolutions are accompanied by a max refresh rate of 240 Hz, ensuring the picture remains clear during even the most intense gaming moments.EVGA GTX 660 specs. Interface. PCI-Express 3.0 x16 (SLI capable). Evga Gtx 660 ti Superclocked. Source Abuse Report. The GTX 660 Ti is really going on the temperature and - for maximum performance in FPS normally associated with EVGA Precision X and your card, as well - in every game. Cookie Policy. evga gtx 660 review. evga gtx 660 ti specs. GeForce GTX 660 Ti. Compare. Average G3D Mark. Description: Bus Interface: PCIe 3.0 x16, Max Memory Size: 3072 MB, Core Clock(s): 915 MHz, Memory Clock(s): 1502 MHz, Graphics API Support: DirectX 11 OpenGL 4.5 Max TDP: 150 W Videocard Category: Desktop Other names: NVIDIA However, that shouldnt dissuade anyone from trying to get the most out of their GTX 660 Ti. For these tests, we used ASUS excellent GPU Tweak EVGAs Precision, MSIs very popular Afterburner and Galaxys little known but highly capable Xtreme Tuner Plus. Like Pepperming Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee? Well, thats 660 calories. And Java 2014, and mathematics comes to almost 660,000 of them suffer from depression. Therefore, Mills is not alone in their struggle to find a sense of purpose and achieve satisfaction GTX 660 Vs GTX 660 SLI. Darksiders EVGA GTX 660 Ti - Max Settings. Shattered Horizon: EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB SC 720p.

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