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If you are looking for ie like: Healing Shore chocograph and you dont know where to get it, then go into my channel, choose playlists and there: " Final Fantasy IX Chocograph Locations" playlist. FF9 Chocograph Locations - Ocean.Faraway Lagoon Chocograph FFIX. Itens 37 Potion 6 Magic Tag 1 Shield Armor 1 Gaia Gear No se esquea do joinha Dont forget to like. Related Post from Final Fantasy IX Chocograph Locations Map For PlayStation By Throughout Ff9 World. 5:27Final Fantasy IX (PC) Chocograph 20 Mist Ocean 11:21FFIX Excalibur II Perfect Game (Version X) - 42 Path C Chocograph Hunt (Part 2) 40:21Final Fantasy IX walkthrough - Part 36 Mist ocean chocograph, chocograph abandoned lagoon. Many chocographs for.Ffix chocograph locationscracksdive spots because you just. Final Fantasy IX - Chocographs. Video showing the places of all the Chocographs of the game.Mist Ocean Chocograph Piece FFIX. Home » All World Maps » Chocograph Map » Final Fantasy IX Chocograph Ocean YouTube Unusualmap locations, chocograph map small beach, ff9 chocograph map, ffix chocograph map Mist Ocean Chocograph Piece FFIX. necessrio ter todas Chocographs Piece para forma a Chocograph Mist Ocean aps encontr-la seu Chocobo se tornar Fair use images, Final Fantasy IX Chocograph Icon Images.FFIXOceanChocograph.png (download) (106 86 pixels, file size: 3 KB, MIME type: image/png).

Final Fantasy Series - Square (2000). Chocographs.Chocograph 1: Streamside Located on Mist Continent near the river where it empties out into the ocean. Final Fantasy IX Strongest enemy in the game ( Not Ozma Hades Necron Tantarian)Ocean Chocograph FFIX - Продолжительность: 0:50 RPGEEKS 1 389 просмотров. Final Fantasy IX Chocograph FAQ Share| Boar ds Gu ide Walkthroug hs FAQs Cheats ProudlyChocograph Locations -Disc 11-Streamside (Field)-Go check where the river meets the ocean, kupo. Final Fantasy IX Chocographs. Chocobo Menu: Chocobo Chocographs."Go look near the mountains facing the ocean in the southwest side of the Mist Continent." 3:30Final Fantasy IX (PC) Chocograph 3 Uncultivated Land 0:49FF9 Chocograph Locations - Ocean 1:25Dusk Plains Chocograph FFIX 1:20FF9 Chocograph Locations FFIX: Any advice on fighting Ozma?This map will show you where to find chocobo tracks, chocograph treasures, bubbles, cracks, and everything else related to these superbirds. Funny that. As well as items youll find things called "Chocographs" which give you a clue to the location of specialHealing shore. North of Cleyra. Mist ocean. Northeast of Alexandria harbor. Final Fantasy IX Chocograph FAQ Share| Boar ds Gu ide Walkthroug hs FAQs Cheats ProudlyChocograph Locations -Disc 11-Streamside (Field)-Go check where the river meets the ocean, kupo. 20. Mist Ocean - 24:20 (unlocks sky chocobo).

Final Fantasy IX | Complete Chocograph Guide -- All Treasures. FF9 Chocograph Locations - Ocean. Final fantasy 9 : Blue chocobo transformation guide. Final Fantasy IX | Complete Chocograph Guide -- All Treasures. Final Fantasy IX Chocograph - Ocean.FFIX Excalibur II Perfect Game (Version X) - 42 Path C Chocograph Hunt (Part 2). This chocograph is found in the Chocobos Lagoon and the treasures location can be accessed with the ocean (dark blue) ability. FInal Fantasy IX: Mist Ocean Chocograph. Share this post. Ocean Chocograph FFIX. Itens 27 Ores 1 Light Robe 1 Whale Whisker 1 Alexander Card Essa Chocograph dificil de encontrar mais descobri um macete Final Fantasy IX | Complete Chocograph Guide -- All Treasures.FF9 Chocograph Locations - Ocean. Duration: 0:49 Size: 1.12 MB. The only one I need is the OCEAN Chocograph. I get headaches looking for it. Of course I defeated Ozma without it but I still want to get it. Final Fantasy IX.Can I get the chocograph treasure without the actual chocograph? Answered. How to get the ocean treasure chest in the chocobo side quest? Home Forums Affiliation Link to Us Disclaimer FFVII FFVII: AC FFVII: CC FFVIII FFIX FFX FFX-2Eventually you will stop finding chocographs and your chocobo will have leveled up until it is gold. Final Fantasy IX Chocobos Air Garden Locations. Thabeast721 6 years ago. FF9 Chocograph Locations - Ocean. 20. Mist Ocean - 24:20 (unlocks sky chocobo).Final Fantasy IX | Complete Chocograph G 4 years ago. by Missildine Online! Neoseeker Forums » Final Fantasy Community » Playstation Games » RPG » Final Fantasy IX » Chocographs question.Theres also the Mist ocean chocograph, which is made up of the Final Fantasy IX Chocograph - Ocean. Can be accessed on: Disc 3-4 - Near Forgotten Continent Cheating: No Playing: Normal Time: Standard Tips: You mayGreen Plains Chocograph FFIX. Like ! A stone slab buried in the forest. —Dissidia Final Fantasy description. Chocographs (, Chokogurafu?) are rare stones in Final Fantasy IX that serve as "treasure maps." They guide the player to treasure chests that can only be found using chocobos. Final Fantasy IX - All Chocographs (Diggin It) Pieces.Only available after finding all the treasures, ocean bubbles and moutain cracks with Choco. Final Fantasy IX Indonesia added 41 new photos.Semua lokasi Chocograph,mountain dig,Ocean dive spot,lokasi chocobo hot and cold. Ffix Chocograph Locations. Calculating and Working please be patient.ocean chocograph locations. add to basket - view suggestions. Final Fantasy - Final Fantasy 9 - Chocographs.Look near the ocean a bit northeast of the Wind Shrine. There will be a few rocks, check by there. Home Search Directory ffix chocograph.chocograph mist ocean. chocograph uncultivated land. chocograph location map. Our services.

Chocobo Lagoon Ocean ability 18-Ocean 22-Outer Island 2. Once you obtain the Hilda Garde 3, you can get the rest of the Chocographs. Final Fantasy IX All Chocographs in Chocobos Forest. Posted on 5 years ago. by Thabeast721.Mist Ocean Chocograph Piece FFIX. FFIX - Sidequests - Chocograph Locations. What Are Chocographs?18. Ocean. Ore x27, Light Robe, Whale Whisker, Alexander Card. 19. Cold Lagoon. FF9 Chocograph Locations - Ocean 00:49. Final Fantasy IX All Dead Pepper Treasure Locations 04:15.Outer Island 2 Chocograph FFIX 01:42. After you have found all the buried treasure chests at the 24 chocograph locations, take Choco around the world and use Dead Peppers at cracks on the land and bubbles in the ocean to find a few more Ocean - 23:2420. Mist Ocean - 24:20 (unlocks sky chocobo)21.Monster Locations 20:00 Final Fantasy IX - Chocographs 9:41 FINAL FANTASY IX PS4: Defeating Ozma. Watch Full Video Of Final Fantasy IX All Chocograph Treasure Locations.When in Chocobos Forest, Chocobos Lagoon, or Chocobos Sky Garden, youMist Ocean - 24:20 (unlocks sky chocobo) 21. Ff9 chocograph map. Final Fantasy IX Chocographs.Mist Ocean Find all six Chocograph Pieces in the Forest and the Lagoon Choco gains Sky ability "Look around the small islands located in the You can find Final Fantasy IX PC Chocograph 18 Ocean YouTube Noticeable Ff9 guide and view the latest Chocograph Ff9 in this page. Final Fantasy IX Chocograph - Mist Ocean - YouTube.Final Fantasy IX Side Quests: Chocographs - Jegged.com. FF9 Chocograph Locations - Ocean - YouTube.Final Fantasy IX Source - Chocograph Information. 600 x 500 jpeg 41kB. Final Fantasy IX. Chocograph Locations/Cracks/Dive spots in Chronological Order.Chocobo Lagoon Revisited-18-Ocean 22-Outer Island 2. After getting Hilda Garde 3, go back to Chocobo FFIX - Sidequests - Chocograph Locations. Location Name Chocobo Ocean: Ore x27, Light Robe, Whale Whisker, Alexander Card.

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