Whenever user clicks on "I am not a robot, Google reCaptcha script will generate input value with name g-recaptcha-response. Whenever user submits the form the problem is that Im getting an empty value for g-recaptcha-response so I cant process the captcha. Any idea about what Im doing wrong?? When it doesnt work, if I do a vardump(POST[g-recaptcha-response]) (on the second page) I get NULL. Begin reCAPTCHA validation . recaptcharesponse request.POST.get(g- recaptcha-response). reCAPTCHA Responsive Scaling. A Pen By Derek Loeweng-recaptcha transform-origin: left top -webkit-transform-origin: left top When a reCAPTCHA is solved by end user, a new field g-recaptcha-response will be populated in HTML. You can verify the users response by checking the I am trying to implement Googles reCaptcha v.2.0 but i am getting null in g-recaptcha-response due to this reCaptcha is not working properly and I am always getting the error that Please click on the When the captcha is solved, google checks the answer and returns code to the user in the field