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That being said, there are a number of reasons for why an iPhone or iPad might get hot. Heres a look at why this happens, what you can do to fix it, and when it may be time to visit an Apple store for repair. 8GB iphone 5c.Did You Backup data Like Whatsapp Messages Documents Data. Go To Settings - ICloud - (The Top) Storage- Manage Storage- Documents Data [DELETE SOME THINGS IN DOCUMENTS DATA]. Why a cheaper iPhone 5c doesnt matter Apple does not disclose the total amount of each iPhone model (4s, 5s, 5c) sold. However, the fact that it just introduced a cheaper 8GB 5c in China, Europe, and Australia strongly suggests that sales are slumping. 8GB model iPhone 4S is only showing 5.4GB capacity (4.2GB available) 1 answer.user1561346 Ill direct you to Ask Different Chat for discussions on why Apple does X - it leads to speculation and generally is off topic for the main site. bmike Mar 8 16 at 22:39. In Apples UK store it now lists an 8 GB iPhone 5C. Previously, the iPhone 4S was the only phone available in the 8 GB size.For what its worth, 8 GB is not very much storage. iOS takes up 1.5 GB, so its really just 6. 5 GB which would mean you cant do too much. i have iphone 5 and i keep getting a message to say that my icloud is full when i check my phone it says that i have 4 gb of my 5 gb leftwhat do?- My iphone 5c is saying i only have 5gb of storage when im supposed to have 16gb.

Why my iphone 4 tell me that i got no enough memory? Why you shouldnt ever buy a 16GB iPhone. Search Macworld. All.And dont even get me started on the situation facing people with 8GB iPhones.The only benefit was the price and even that was still too high. I did do my download via iTunes. A former Apple employee explains why choosing which apps are allowed to send you Notifications is so important for your iPhones battery life. Subscribe to Should I get the 8GB iphone 4 from sprint?If i dropped my iphone 8 plus and the glass in the back craked does apple care cover it ?Anyone know why the new 32gb sandisk micro sd card i just got is only showing 29gbs worth of space? Apples Newest 8GB iPhone 5C. Apple has a new 5C available.

This one is 8 GB.So, why did Apple bother releasing a new version of the phone? Typically, Apple releases an updated version of a phone just after the latest release. But by offering an iPhone 5C with only 8 GB of storage, its not doing customers who would buy it any favors. Thats because, typically, iOS 7 eats up almost 4 GB of space all on its own, before adding any apps or media. Asked by trogdor87 (1091 ) April 9th, 2008 from iPhone. I was just wondering, I still have tons of space left (about 65gb).Why do Mac users talk about Apple like its a religion? I bought an iPhone 5c with 16gb of memory about a week and a half ago, Ive only just set it up and it only has 5gb!Thats impossible my friend as the lowest memory for the iphone 5c is 8gb . phone capacity does not include what is needed for the iOS. Do the math and its still pretty close to 8GB of storage that the phone had on board.Essentially, your brand new 8GB iPhone 5c actually has 6.5GB of on-board memory to be used for apps, photos, videos, music, etc. it does happen with every phone and computerbut i want to knowsuppose i hav iphone 32 gbi get 28 gb free but if i get iphone 8 gb i get 6.2 g free iOS should take same amount ofsystem files. its the same as my 32g iphone only having 28g free. the system files take up space in your storage. Apple has released a new 8GB version of the iPhone 5c. Where is it available, and how much does it cost?why an 8GB iPhone doesnt work these days: my wifes iMessage cache is currently over 10GB right now. WHY would I want to DEL my music?? Ridiculous . . . Had KNOWN iPhone had these issues (storage NO available sdCard space— NEVER woulda switched 2 it— wish could get rid of it!My iphone 4s has only 5gb! With an 8GB iPhone, youll basically be able to download only one movie and a handful of songs and apps before reaching your storage limit.And increasingly, an 8GB iPhone does not equate to a great experience. Ive always used 8gb on my phone and it was always enough for me but why did apple take that away. I refuse to pay 20 a year for storage. I paid for a 8gb iPhone 4 and now it says 5gb for free after I reset it. However, the 8GB iPhone 5C will not be making its way to the U.S. - period, end of sentence. Why, you may ask? Well, its simple really.The iPhone 5C features a plastic casing and wildly bright colors, which only appeal to a select group of customers. However, with the impending release of iOS 9—which will likely accompany Apples latest wares—a 16 GB iPhone might not be that bad after all. Heres why. At its developer conference in June, Apple introduced one of iOS 9s new features called app thinning. I only have a 16 GB iphone, so I cant afford to have this app using so much space.I delete a lot of videos to free up space, thats why I only have 458 MB of documents and data on the Google Photos app. I have an 8 GB iPhone 4S, and the only way I was able to install iOS 8 without using iTunes was by wiping it back to its original state.Do 8 GB iPhones have a future? Keywords: iphone5c 8gbiphone. Well, the rumor was true: Apple really has taken what was seemingly a less popular phone than expected, and made it worse. Even more surprisingly, the company confirmed to Fortune that the 8GB version of the iPhone 5C will be sold in only five markets: U.K France, Germany, Australia and China. kaze. thank you for telling me about application archives, gun club was taking 1.13 gb and other took 1.80 gb so I had 866 mb left on my 8gb Ipod now I have near 2 gb of storage and other is onlyHow do I turn off Auto-Brightness on my iPhone in iOS 11? How do I stop receiving notifications from Vero? How much does 8 gb iPhone hold? 8 Gbs.For the iPhone 3GS which is no longer sold, the only increment available was 8 GB. Although Apple could have rolled out the 8GB iPhone 5c across all of its markets, theyve chosen to go only with a few countries where LTE is becoming more establishedThis makes sense given that the iPhone 4s, which is also still sold, does now support LTE networks. The only thing that would make me seriously reconsider my decision is if 3rd party apps had access to that 16GB of storage. Unfortunately my sources tell me that they wont. And even if they do, I have 5GB free on my current iPhone. What Can I Do Throw it Away,,? Why No Facebook Lite Version SOOO SAD.I can download Facebook but the iCloud storage is only 5 GB unlike my Android phone which has free unlimited storage. A lot has changed since the iPhone came out seven years ago, so why hasnt Apples own philosophy kept up?The whole idea that people will pay more for an iPhone just because its an iPhone falls apart here - sure, it looks and feels like it, but it cant do half the things an iPhone should. My sister used a 8gb iPhone for years without issues. Then again, she does not use many apps and never plays game.if you stream your media, and only use a few apps, it would be fine, but unless you have a fairly large data plan, forget it. not worth it. Im going to tell you why your iPhone, iPad, or iPod suddenly turns off when you still have 30, 50, or any other percentage of battery remaining and exactly what to do to fix the problem, if it can be fixed. (Note: Apple does still offer the iPhone 4 8GB model, but only in developing markets such as India.) Sales of the iPhone 5c are generally believed to have fallen short of the levels expected at its debut, as customers have opted for the high-end iPhone 5s model. You also get 5GB of additional storage for backups, data, etc. In many countries, you can use iTunes in the Cloud to download your media only when, and asIf you do a fair but not overwhelming amount of stuff on your iPhone, your probably better off going for 32GB. Who should get 64 GB iPhone 5. Munster believes that Apples lower-cost device may only have a slight impact on the iPhone makers fiscal third quarter.However, Munster pointed out that the new 8GB iPhone 5C does not alter the current pricing structure for Apples entry-level device. Just resolved this in our app it was due to a sub-project being set to target iPhone. If you have any sub-projects, do check their target settings as well because apparently it can affect your top-level scheme selections. 4 Replies Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 4:37 PM by mama23dogs. Why does my " 8GB" phone hold only 3GB?When I check storage on the phone, it claims to be an 8GB phone, but 4.5 GB are taken up by "miscellaneous files" that cannot be deleted. Related Questions. Why is the iPhones 1 GB RAM touted to be able to compete with more than 2 GB RAM of Android phones? How many GB of RAM does an iPhone 8 have? Is the phone OK if it has 1 GB ram? We learned yesterday that Apple would be launching an 8GB version of its all-plastic iPhone 5C today, and its done just that - although only in select regions including Europe and Australia and with little fanfare. But a 8GB version of the iPhone 5c, and one only sold in five markets?If you care why, the italicised section below will explain. If you dont, you can skip it. For convenience, Im going to convert all prices to U.S. dollars based on the exchange rate at the time of writing. So people with iPhones 16gb do you think itsNot sure why you got downvoted because youre absolutely right. Perhaps on a phone screen you cant tell the difference but blown up on a computer monitor the compression is noticeable. On this 64GB device—which, according to the iPhone, only really has 55.

5 GB—there was only 696MB available.So I was surprised when my iPhone showed so little free space available. Presented with two numbers, how do I know which is correct? 8 GB on 16 GB iPhone 5smore than half storage used by system.Does anyone know if I download ios11 will it mess up my phone. I only have 2.5gb of free space when its totally clear of photos. So the bottom 3GB of your memory will be available, but theres an issue with that last 1GB. The only practical solution is to install a 64-bit operating system. In Windows Vista and later, 32-bit and 64-bit license keys are interchangeable. Or 32GB storage in a 32GB phone. Phone makers count storage differently, software does it differently.Also Read: We explain why the iPhone 6 with dual-core processor is faster than Android phones with octa-core processor. On my iPhone, where I only have 16GB, I am using SugarSync (5GB free, paid plans start at 75/year for 60GB) for my cloud storage.Do you get the smallest capacity and use the cloud for your additional storage? Or do you have more storage on your iDevice—and why? However, your phone is exhibiting the classic symptoms (No-charge or fake charge) of a bad Tristar (U2) chip, responsible for the charging of your device. This is not a DIY repair. I would suggest you find a qualified repair shop that does You can determine if an iPhone 4 has 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of storage by checking its capacity in the "Settings" menu.link GSM Arena: Apple iPhone 4. link Seagate Support: Why Does My Hard Drive Report Less Capacity than Indicated on the Drives Label? I think a better question is why does Apple only offer 50gig as the maximum storage? Especially after Apple introduced the 128GB iPad.I suspect that the vast majority of iPhone users do not back up their devices aside from using iCloud. It many not change prices or introduce new models as often as other companies but Apple has been known to do whatever is necessary in order to come out with better financial reports. Since the 8GB iPhone 5C will reportedly be released this week

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