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Home Forums General Talk Favorite Video Game from Childhood. Tagged: Childhood, FavoriteGame. Not all of these games were greats but a few still hold up today. These are the games I have the best memories of prior to playing sports games on 32-bit consoles.13 items Possible best games ever? 10 items My favorite sports games from childhood. Whats your favorite nostalgic childhood game?Talking about my favorite games from my childhood, didnt want to make a rant today, because i want to be more positive on my channel :) PATREON: www.patreon.com/user?u4030311 Join My favorite childhood games When I was little I would play with a lot of toys and make games out of them. I would have friends come over and we would play soldiers. We made different games with the same toys over and over again. REPLY. Favorite childhood game? Posts:2,706 Reputation: 319.1. What was your favorite game from your childhood? KIK: leyna. DISCORD: NICK5000.

Discussion in Games and games consoles started by Blyth, Aug 24, 2010.metal gear is one of my favourite game series ever. please share some of your favorite childhood memories, toys, tv shows, movies, video games, and anything else with me! i love nostalgia, and maybe youll even be reminded of things from other people! ill start with a few of my own. One of my all time favorite games, its actually also one of the best games Ive ever played.While most people have fond childhood memories of Wolf3D or Doom or, perhaps nowadays, Half Life, its Kens Labyrinth that does it for me. Your favorite childhood games arent what they used to be like back when you were a kid. Heres how theyve changed.Ever wonder what your favorite childhood games are up to now? Thats why weve rounded up 20 of the best board games from our childhood .But these are the original or 90s versions of the games in other words, the best versions. Check em out and let us know: which was your favorite growing up? The first game I played with a dragon in it was Alisia Dragoon. I loved the 2nd dragon the one with the glowy things that exploded.

The second level of it also had the cutest color combination of light green and pink. It was a simple game, but so much fun. I also loved Monster Hide and Seek, which was just like Original Recipe Hide and Seek but in the dark. It made the game about seventy-eight times more intense. By Talha Ehtasham. on Aug 05th. In Lists. We remember fondly the games we played in years gone by, the stories we explored with such wonder in our eyes. Some were just generic playthroughs that didnt stick with us, but provided a few hours of entertainment. Re: Your Favorite Childhood Games? [ Edited ]. Options.Favourite childhood games? Transformers 1 for the PS2 and Simpsons hit and run for PS2 as well as the platinum edition of Sonic Heroes for PS2. What is GOG.com about? Hand-picking the best in gaming. A selection of great games, from modern hits to all-time classics, that you really shouldnt miss Favorite Childhood Games. GOGmix by ReliC420 ReliC420 Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. Please, try again later. Whats your favourite game that you played as a kid? Pokemon Platinum is pretty good, Im playing through it again and I still enjoy it as much as I did when I was 8.Pokemon Yellow, Silver, and Sapphire made up a good chunk of my childhood . Discussion and Talk about Favorite childhood game.site recipes. Message Board Archives. FORUM: SparkPeople Game Room. TOPIC: Favorite childhood game. Still my all-time favorite childhood game is Blaster Master. Yes, I know that the plot is to rescue your frog who escaped into a hole, and then the guy mysteriously finds a vehicle after jumping down. Favorite co-op game from my childhood. I only had one I was aware of and that was DD second edition. Then again Im a child of the 70s 80s. Favorite Childhood Video Game(s). EPiKDJ (NA). submitted in General Discussion.Guidelines. Culture This is the place to talk about any and all things in the gamer cultural space (video games, anime, etc). In this episode of TSL Plays, we took a trip down memory lane and played some of our favourite childhood games such as "What Time is it, Mr Wolf?", "Pepsi Cola 1,2,3" and "Heart Attack!" SUBSCRIBE Vinny S. VGKLighting I play video games at my child life.Ashish K. Google Adwords Certified SEO Analys badminton is my favorite childhood gamegarm pithu Jan 2nd 2013 02:35. 4. Top 5 Favorite Childhood Video Games! Published: 6 months ago. Duration: 8:55. By.15. My top 5 favorite video games from my childhood (10 sub special). Published: 4 months ago. Just go ahead and talk about your favorite classic game. Way back in the day from when you were a little kid. If you were born earlier then the ones who remember the 8-bit era.This thread is all about great gaming childhood memories. No matter how long ago (or recent) they were. Favourite game of all time is Final Fantasy VII, but I first played that in my teens. THIS game occupied more of my childhood than any other game. I love playing it even today. What is your favorite games that you remember from when you were a kid? I am asking because for my birthday I am having a kid themed party. Take this survey! What is your favorite childhood game? What is your Favorite Childhood Games. Xenon87 Member. Posts: 115.Most of us in this clan Im assuming have started gaming at a early age. Just thought Id would be cool to see and talk about everyones favorite child hood games. Favorite childhood games. Created by Lisa-Michigan on Nov 20, 2007.Its game white people made up where they numb you with PCP so you cant feel any pain and throw you around into walls and solid objects to see if you feel any pain. My favorite games when I was little were candyland, operation and monopoly.My favorite childhood game was Candyland,Old Maid,Go Fish,Sorry,Uno,Yahtzee, Bingo to name a few. But I loved alot of the games. As a child my favourite game was Duke Nukem 3D, which I still fire up from time to time.It feels like a spent all my childhood in Ultima Online. That was an amazing game, most epic mmorp. Also mu online, cs 1.6, age of empire, WC2 3. Black OPS(Late childhood.). KoTOR. GTA San Andreas.Wipeout 3, Destruction Derby 2 and Army Men: Lock N Load: Shame I was terrible at all thee games, so I never finished them if there ever was one. Some of our greatest memories from our childhoods come from video games, specifically the ones we played as kids, or even teenagers. In this thread, put down your favorite games you played as kids, or just any games you played when you were little. Your Favorite Childhood Snacks Get a Healthier Upgrade Heres How Your Childhood Years Affect Your Relationships Now a 702 21. 20 Entertaining Texting Games to Play when Youre Bored This discussion soon escalated into a full-on debate about over favourite childhood games from the delights of Buckaroo and the fear/excitement of hide n seek to the sheer elation of Cowboys and Indians or the thrilling mystery of Cluedo. Games from school- Oregon Trail I WILL survive Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (Im a history geek). The Dragons Lair series was one of the most artistically well done games of its time.Favorite games from my childhood. Moevies » Fun Stuff » Games » Most Favorite Game From Childhood.hi there, i am a fan of Megaman since my childhood i was played First Megaman Game when i was 8 Years Old, it is a NES Console game. in starting its very hard to complete i remember i played this game whole day Favorite Childhood Games. Leslie Ann. July 10, 2012.Filed Under: Coleco NHL table hockey game, Electric Football, favorite games, Norman Sas. Categories: Articles, Games. So you what you see ? Share the LOVE! Game Lists » Childhood games.By far my favorite spyro title. I belive this was also one of the last Spyro games made by insomniac, which left us the most memorable part of the series. Most unrelated show to game correlation, but still addictive.Personal favorite here. Kim Possible rules! 10 Favorite Childhood Video Games | Courtney Dawne - Duration: 11:15.Top 9 Video Games From My Childhood! Sep 27 2012. pieshadowxx Level 162 Windia F/P Arch Mage. Any pokemon game . Explore Sports Activities For Kids, Sports Games, and more! Explore related topics.Basketball is no different. Before your child takes the court for the first time, make sure theyre familiar with these basi. What were your favourite games that you have played as child?Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon on PS1. Pokemon on Gameboy. These were all my ultimate memories of gaming in my childhood.

Tagged with gaming, awesome, the more you know, nostalgia Shared by Noneedtoworrythisisahumannotadog. My Favorite Computer Games From Childhood. My first favorite games: Sonic the hedgehog. Streets of rage. Golden Age. A more recent childhood collection. Pokemon (first gen of course) - Gameboy advance. Final fantasy 7 - All time favourite of mine. Name your console and your favorite games.my 8bit childhood game favorites includes mario and pacman definitely, classics <333 though i didnt play on consoles but rather pc versions. Favourite childhood video games. Add header image. Choose file or enter urlGames from Childhood 8 item list by Alison Christa 6 votes. Being a kid was all about finding your own ways to have fun and stay active in the process. Whether youre a kid at heart, a parent, or a teacher, these 15 games guarantee a good time. Whats your favorite childhood game? Childhood games you sayMine were the original Super Mario Bros Midtown Madness 2, BF Vietnam, Freedom Fighters, Starsky Hutch, and Pokemon.Sonic adventure 2 battle and sonic adventure dx are probably on top of my favorite games. Talking about my favorite games from my childhood, didnt want to make a rant today, because i want to be more positive on my channel :) PATREON

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