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Operational risk is "the risk of a change in value caused by the fact that actual losses, incurred for inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems, or from external events (including legal risk), differ from the expected losses". Operational risk managers are currently using the tool to manage the entire scenario analysis calculation process from setting up answer ranges to estimating the group-level VaR. Operational risk means the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events, and includes legal risk.Key risk indicators (KRIs) Business process. analysis Scenario analysis OpR reporting. Quant Risk Assessment or Scenario Analysis.A few alternative ways to structure these: By LGM By scenario By operational process. Example shows a cognitive map of the LGM operational drivers of rogue trading. "Operational Risk - Scenario Analysis," Prague Economic Papers, University of Economics, Prague, vol. 2011(1), pages 23-39. Keywords Basel II, Operational Risk, Advanced Measurement Approach, Scenario Analysis, SbAMA.Regular reviews of the operational risk management processes/systems by internal and/or external auditors. How can you overcome the subjective nature of scenario analysis and prevent bias? Its difficult, but we focus on three areas: participants, data, and review/approval process.What must Financial Institutions do to ensure that their data is accurate for operational risk scenario analysis? What is Operational risk it is defined by the Basel Accord as People, Process, Systems, and external events, including legal risk. Watchorn, E (2007), Applying a Structured Approach to Operational Risk Scenario Analysis in. Operational Risk Scenario Analysis. Loading in 2 Secondsthe third one is based on process management failure loss even types. One hypothetical scenario was defined Description of a process to review and update the list of operational risks after the publication of the research paper, including the identificationThey reported: The Bank of Japan hosted a workshop on operational risk scenario analysis in 2006.226 The presentations of Nagafuji (2006), Oyama Using Scenario Analysis to estimate Operational Risk Capital.Has the risk grown since yesterday? The equivalent position for OpRisk is difficult to identify Operational Risk 7 . value-at-risk models.

mark-to-market exposure of potential exposure. or process Eg. Understand the eect of scenario based analysis on a base-line loss distribution approach operational risk model.Proposed methodology provides a method to guide the scenario formu-lation process, quantify select parameters, and determine an adjusted operational risk capital number. 2. Use scenario analysis to complement data-driven models to ensure operational loss estimations are sensitive to macroeconomic conditions.The process includes leveraging multiple potential approaches to operational risk estimation to develop both a solid champion model and anlist of risks (and often opportunities as well), organized by risk category (financial, operational, strategic, compliance) and sub-category (market, credit Stress testing and sensitivity analysis of scenarios performed Medium enterprise level/ process level capabilities to address risks Scenario analysis process.Operational Risk Capital Project Scenario Analysis.

XYX Business A. B. Person October 2002. Instructions This is especially relevant for operational risk due to its pervasiveness throughout all business processes.0. Single loss estimate. Model based on scenarios with no loss data analysis. Moreover, some banks integrate internal losses with external ones as well as with scenario analyses and risk assessment factors. In order to manage operational risk adequately, an effective monitoring process needs to be carried out. Scenario Analyses: We complete our risk profile using a set of scenarios including relevant external cases provided by a public database and additional internal scenarios. The operational risk from outsourcing is managed by the Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Process. Operational Risk Scenario Analysis 17/03/2010 Micha Sapiski [email protected] www.statconsulting.com.pl Copyright bySp. z o.o. 2010 3 Operational Risk Operational risk means the risk of loss arising from inadequate or failed internal processes, personnel or systems, or Scenarios. How to Effectively Manage Operational Risk for Basel II, Solvency II, and Arrow.The collection and analysis of internal loss data provides management information which can be fed back into the operational risk management and mitigation process. Types of Operational Risk. Poor customer service e.g.failing to act on switch instructions, process delays Outsourcing 3rd party failure Compliance with general legislation incl.factors (Risk Registers). Scenario analysis and parameters. Probability. An integrated operational risk model. Key requirement: a sound RCAs process, inclusive risk catalog (i.e resulting from risk convergence).Risk scenario analysis is an effective and practical way to overcome problems arising from internal and external loss data.Operational Risk3 3Scenario Analysis in a Risk Measurement Framework5 4 Scenario Analysis in a Risk Management Framework6 5Achieving RiskIt is a very wide concept which focuses on the risks arising from the people, systems and processes through which a company operates. Effectively managing operational risk requires a framework designed to turn raw operational risk data into information that su.Additional comments about likelihood-impact analysis. A high likelihood high impact scenario: You are standing on the train tracks. Data B. External Data C. Business Environment and Internal Control Factor Assessments D. Scenario Analysis Risk Quantification A. Analytical Framework B12.

The definition of operational risk incorporates the risks stemming from people, processes, systems and external events. 30Scenario Analysis in the Measurement of Operational Risk Capital: A Change of. Measure Approach.Stages of the insurance program optimization process. Risk analysis and data processing. Operational risk-based costs definition. Drivers of Operational Risks. Risks could arise from failures in: Process People Systems.Risk Identification Loss Database Key Risk Indicators Scenario Analysis Business Continuity Planning Information Security Information Quality. Scenario analysis is an effective tool to consider potential sources of significant operational risk and the need for additional risk management controls or mitigation solutions. Given the subjectivity of the scenario process Process Name Process Name. Operational risk events risk scenarios: what Impact.Try to generate an enterprise-wide perspective on all risk categories with integration of operational risk scenarios into the market and credit risk analysis. Scenario analysis involves systematic surveys with experts of each business line and risk management experts.True operational risk management should therefore be an iterative process . The operational risk procedures establish processes, roles and responsibilities for the implementation of the Framework in compliance with theScenario Analysis The assessment of the impact and the likelihood of potential OREs and the proactive mitigation of the identified risks.Introduction Operational risk Basel II Operational risk measurement methodology Empirical data sample analysis Stress testing and scenario analysisRippel, Petr Tepl Processes Execution, registration, settlement errors (transaction risk) Model and methodology errors (model risk) In the world of operational risk, scenario analysis is used in combination with the loss distribution approach to estimate operational riskThis makes the calculation process more acceptable in a management discussion, as the technology risk analyst is not claiming certainty in any calculations. in Operational Risk scenario analysis. More than fty percent of the banks. Ensure that the results of the scenario analysis process ow into a continuous improvement process and provide meaningful insight and benet to the institution. Scenario Analysis and its Usage in Operational Risk Management. I. Setting the Foundation Before discussing and describing scenario analysis, lets consider the very fundamental concept of a scenario.Scenario analysis is the process of considering a possible outcome (future state) by BASEL II Operational Risk Risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, systems or from external events.Discussion topics include scenario analysis, the use of capital allocation for performance measurement, and consideration of operational risk in new product Operational risk scenario analysis. Milan Rippel, Petr Tepl.Operational risk events also occurred during the pending global crisis, such as failed risk management processes or mortgage frauds committed by applicants when cheating on their income in order to secure a loan (Tepl, 2010). Operational risk scenario analysis may sound like a mouthful, but heres what its all about. Firstly, operational risk is the risk to a business of loss from processes, systems and people. The strategic and business planning processes should consider a banks operational risk profile, including the outputs of the ORMS.These items may also be useful inputs for scenario analysis. (a) Near-miss events: operational risk events that do not lead to a loss. Operational Risk, Bucharest, April 2002. Examples. Example 1: If 25,000 transactions are processed in a year by a back office, the probability of a failed transactionrisk, thus providing explicit incentives for behavioural modifications They provide a framework for scenario analysis: to measure. Operational Risk - Scenario Analysis IES Working Paper 15/2008.ID Scenario name 9 Unauthorized trading Kerviel 10 Process management failure 11 Externasloffrtawuadre lPosroschazka. 9 9 Output The hierarchical operational risk reporting structure can be used to provide the target users with various levels of detail and analytics.11 11 Scenario Analysis has a role in the ORM process: It has the ability to capture most relevant risks (even when there has been no loss experience) It is Why you should attend: Scenario analysis complements the risk assessment process, which often overlooks material events that only happen infrequently.This webinar will outline the objective methodology, roles and responsibilities, and reporting of operational risk scenario analysis. Key Words: Scenario Analysis, Operational Risk Capital, Stress Testing, Change of Measure, Loss Data Modeling, Basel Capital Accord.In our opinion, that process reduced the importance of scenarios in measuring operational risk capital. Scenario analysis complements the risk assessment process, which often overlooks material events that only happen infrequently, such as natural disasters, acts of terrorismWhy Should You Attend: Scenario analysis has become an important tool in the practice of operational risk management. 254. Scenario data provides a forward-looking view of poten-tial operational risk exposures.BEICFs should, at a minimum, be used as an input in the scenario analysis process. Operational risk documentation Risk Appetite Statement, Risk Tolerance Statements, Risk Policy, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines.Selection and implementation of appropriate technology / software to support the scenario analysis process. Branch Operating Manual Mandated Controls Audit Monitoring resolutions of audit findings. Operational Risk is managed through better controls and better audit process.Incorporating Scenario Analysis. actual PE zi PEi zePEe zsPEs. In scenario analysis, the availability bias can arise in the process of identifying the relevant scenarios to be assessed.Alderweireld, T Garcia, J. and Leonard, L 2006, A Practical Operational Risk Scenario Analysis Quantification, Risk, February 2006, pp93-95. 129. SOUND PRACTICE. Basel Committee on Banking Supervision > Principles for the Sound Management of Operational Risk, June 2011 Scenario Analysis is listed as an example of tools that may be used for identifying and assessing operational risk: Scenario analysis is a process of

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