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Hi people: Can open and closed used of questions, as in Spanish, with the following meaning Open question question which can be answered freely (no choices or possible answers are suggested (E.g. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day? ) An open question can be defined thus: An open question is likely to receive a long answer. Although any question can receive a long answer, open questions deliberately seek longer answers, and are the opposite of closed questions. Open Questions An open question elicits a longer answer. They usually begin with >what, why, and how.Why did he react that way? What took place next? Closed Questions Are questions that elicit single or very short responses, often >yes or >no. What is an open-ended question?These questions are sure to aid in building rapport (greeting), qualifying, offering, and closing the sale, regardless of the type of business. I have read the Help Center and I learned Closed and On Hold questions have the same properties. But what is the real difference?Closed questions can be re-opened by users who have sufficient reputation. Since this question is spoken with rising pitch, it becomes a yes/no, or open-choice, question, so a response should be yes (clarifying whether the person wants either coffee or tea) or no.Then, decide if each one is an open-choice or closed-choice question. You might have heard about open and close ended questions. These are the types of questions that you can come across in job interviews, projects, or surveys. In this post, I will tell you the definitions of open-ended and close-ended questions with example sentences. Main Difference Open vs Closed Questions. Questions can be broadly categorized into two categories open questions and closed questions. These are also known as open ended and closed ended questions. Main Difference. The distinction in the middle of open and closed questions lie in the kind of answer they hope to have.

What is the name of her school? Is that man coming towards you? Open Questions. Mathematics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields.A set is closed iff its complement is open. The intersection of two open sets is open. Open ended questions can be defined as questions that elicit longer answers. Closed ended questions can be answered with a simple yes or no. Know The Difference Between close and open ended questions. Remember to word your questions carefully, selecting open or closed questions as appropriate. Closed questions do not encourage the speaker to elaborate on their viewpoint, merely requiring a yes/no answer Have you always thought that? During the training, one of the techniques we discussed was open and closed questions.

We were told that we should always use open ended questions to try and get as much out of our client as possible. This causes a problem of how to classify the short-answer non-yes-or-no questions, which do not fit well with the definition for open questions. A way of handling this is to define yes-no as a sub-class of the short-answer closed question. Respondents are asked to decide where they fit along a scale continuum. These questions contain an ordered set of answers. A common ordinal scale asks about levels of satisfaction. Any question which can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no", or with a specific piece of information Any WIC appointment will call for a mix of open and closed-ended questions.Ask: When a participant is talking too much after an open-ended question, what are some gentle ways to move on in the conversation. What is an open-ended question?In these examples, the closed-ended questions are used to establish facts upon which the open-ended questions can be used to expand the conversation with more information, details, thoughts, opinions, etc. The alternative to open-ended questions is found in the other basic question type: closed questions. Such questions are of the basic form Is it easy to use the current system? and, How many subordinates do you have? An open ended question ous one in which the information required to figure out the answer is not yet available. A good example is "Is there a god?"A closed question then is one which has an answer. Lets take a closer look at the following questions: 1. What are closed-ended and open-ended questions?Typically, closed-ended questions are used to gather facts about the respondent, while open-ended questions help gain their opinions or feedback. Open and closed questions may also differ in their ability to measure possession of factually correct knowledge. Closed questions will generally suffer more than open questions from correct guessing, though statistical adjustments to multi-item tests can correct for this. Asking open-ended questions is a friendly way to engage people in a conversation. Knowing the difference between open-ended and close-ended questions will help you tremendously in your career and social life.

Open and Closed Questions. This important information can help you communicate better.Broadly, a closed question is one that can be answered by one word or phrase or a platitude. It is a conversation stopper. Close-Ended Questions If you can answer a question with only a "yes" or "no" response, then you are answering a close-ended type of question. Examples of Open vs Closed Questions The difference between open and closed questions lie in the type of answer they expect to have. Now, first of all consider these situations. If someone asks your This activity helps delegates understand the difference between open and closed questions. It is a rather simple exercise however if executed well it can lead to a profound insight.The only rule is that they cannot ask a direct question about the word written on the card such as, What is the object? Making the right choices between open-ended and closed survey questions, allows you to get only the data that best serves the goal of your customer, employee or market research survey. You already know the difference between an open-ended question and a closed question, right? The question What is the most important, critical problem the Internet is facing today? was asked in an open-ended and two close-ended questionOpen-ended and close-ended questions differ in several characteristics, especially as regards the role of respondents when answering such questions. Closed-ended questions are those which can be answered by a simple "yes" or "no," while open-ended questions are those which require more thought and more than a simple one-word answer. Nurses should try to ask open and closed questions at appropriate moments.What do you mean by being frustrated? What is it you want to know about and then I can try and help? How might you use the information I have given you? Introduce open and closed questions by posing some sample questions to the class, for example, CLOSED: How many days in a week? What is 130100? Definition of open ended question: Unstructured question in which (unlike in a multiple choice question) possible answers are not suggested, and the respondent answers it in his or her own words.See also closed question. As adults, we sometimes lose that exploratory nature and focus on what is or isnt. Im going to give you a few minutes to think of a question that YOU have pondered about.There are two broad categories of questions, open and closed. Transcript of Open and Closed Questions. These are questions that only offer the chance for a yes or no response.What examples can you give me? What is it you want to know about? How will you use this information? Week 0. LA Orientation - Open and Closed Questions from the Implementation Guide of the Learning Assistants Program, University of Colorado Boulder. www.learningassistantsalliance.org.Open-ended questions. What is a redox reaction? Open and Closed Questions. Do you notice a trend here? Yes, it seems that John is a slightly boring conversation partner.Open questions: 1. What did you think about the report I sent you? 2. Whats your opinion about what Mr Smith said? 3. What are your thoughts on the proposal? A Open question is a Question type Which requires more than one word to be answered. It can come in list form, use some sentences, paragraphs, speech and even a test (Team, 2017). Open-ended questions can only be answered in a deeper way, contrary to closed questions that can be A closed-ended question contrasts with an open-ended question, which cannot be answered with a simple "yes" or "no", or with a specific piece of How do you see your future? Tell me about the children in this photograph. What is the purpose of government? Why did you choose that answer? The question What is the most important, critical problem the Internet is facing today? was asked in an open-ended and two close-ended questionOpen-ended and close-ended questions differ in several characteristics, especially as regards the role of respondents when answering such questions. Close-ended question definition: Close-ended questions are questions that have limited response options. What is an Open-ended Question? An open-ended question is designed to facilitate discussion or to encourage a full, meaningful answer using the subjects own knowledge and/or feelings (MediaCollege.com).Here are some examples of open versus closed questions answering. Disadvantages of Open Questions.Closed Questions Limited response and point of view. Requires prior knowledge Answer is either right or wrong Quick require little time to answer. Open and Closed Questions. A closed question usually receives a single word or very short, factual answer.They usually begin with what, why, how. An open question asks the respondent for his or her knowledge, opinion or feelings. An open question is one that requires the participant to think it is also a qualitative question a closed question is usually a yes or no also it is a quantitative question. Answer: The difference between open and closed communion hinges on a churchs view of the purpose of communion and the authority of the church.Navigation. Statement of Faith The Gospel Crucial Questions Top 20 Random Article International Ask a Question. When asking questions of our clients, we can use closed and/or open-ended questions. Each has a purpose in acquiring information. In Chapter 9 in your text there are two exercises that address open and closed questions. The key difference between open and closed questions is whether they are answerable.For example, What is the soul? might be a question of current concern, as is the question Can machines have souls?, at least in the sense that many people currently care about these questions. What is open ended question and close ended question?A closed question " you werent at the park this afternoon were you?" An open ended question invites the responder to say what they like, while a close ended question aims to illicit a yes or no response. Open-ended questions are questions that allow someone to give a free-form answer. Closed-ended questions can be answered with Yes or No, or they have a limited set of possible answers (such as: A, B, C, or All of the Above). Closed-ended questions are often good for surveys There are two basic kinds of questions open questions, which invite exploration and accept various possible answers, and closed questions, which elicit a limited range of correct answers (often beginning with yes or no).

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